Adobe Dreamweaver Team Released Widget Browser Powered by Adobe AIR

The Dreamweaver team recently released the Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser on Labs that allows web developers to quickly build out rich visual interfaces using JavaScript and CSS. With the Widget Browser, you can quickly preview and download OpennAjax widgets available on the Adobe Exchange. Once downloaded, you can add widgets to Dreamweaver CS5 and easily insert them within your web pages. If you are interested in adding your own widgets, the Dreamweaver team released a developer’s guide that provides all of the details you need to get started.

The video above by James Williamson provides an excellent overview of how the Widget Browser works. The application is powered by Adobe AIR and the Flex SDK.

Note: While you can download the Widget Browser and browser the available widgets, you will need to use Dreamweaver CS5 in order to take advantage of many of the features described above.

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