Flash Player Will Support VP8

As Kevin Lynch mentioned today at Google I/O, we are excited to include the
VP8 video codec in Flash Player in an upcoming release, which will help
provide users with seamless access to high quality video content on all of
their Internet-connected devices. Today, VP8 was released as
open source by Google as part of the WebM effort.

Companies distributing video online need the freedom of choice to deliver
the right experience for their customers and their business. We have a
legacy of embracing standards, such as H.264 and HTTP, in our video delivery
stack and are excited to be building on this with the inclusion of VP8.
Today, approximately 75% of video online is viewed using Flash Player
because it provides the reach and consistency that companies need as well as
additional capabilities, such as content protection, measurement and
monetization opportunities that are critical to driving their business on
the web. By adding support for VP8 to Flash Player we will extend the
ability to use these critical capabilities with this media format and
provide content owners the freedom of choice in how they deliver video.

We will drive Flash Platform innovation well into the future, partnering
with our customers to develop end-to-end solutions that enable them to
create, deliver, and optimize their content across any device or screen
using one, unified workflow. By including VP8 as part of the Flash Platform,
we’re providing companies with a choice as to how they can work with and
deliver great experiences to the web. We are excited to work with Google and
others to ensure web video continues to evolve and better serve content
publishers, web developers and end users.

Visit the Google WebM page to learn more about the project.


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23 thoughts on “Flash Player Will Support VP8

  1. Will VP8 be hardware accelerated? Or is it efficient enough to playback on older/weaker CPU w/o assistance from GPU?

  2. @Henry, Xav, Dario —

    All good Qs. More information about Flash Player support of VP8 forthcoming. Stay tuned…

  3. I’ve read where WebM might be in some legal molasses:

    “Though I am not a lawyer, I simply cannot believe that they will be able to get away with this, especially in today’s overly litigious day and age,” Garret-Glaser said. “Even VC-1 (used in HD DVD) differed more from H.264 than VP8 does, and even VC-1 didn’t manage to escape the clutches of software patents. Until we get some hard evidence that VP8 is safe, I would be extremely cautious. Since Google is not indemnifying users of VP8 from patent lawsuits, this is even more of a potential problem.”

    Is this true?

  4. Excellent
    Will Flash also support Ogg Vorbis to avoid people to transcode Ogg Vorbis (Ogg) to WebM (Matroska) format ?
    What about Ogg Theora also ?

  5. Does this mean Flash will have native support for Ogg Vorbis audio? WebM files contain Vorbis audio. Can Flash play .ogg audio like it plays .mp3 now?

  6. @SIR-, Ant- and blue:
    We carefully consider the technologies we add to the Flash Player runtime based on customer needs. We haven’t announced support for other codecs at this time.

  7. I agree that VP8 is great and I’m happy to see Adobe including it on its plans for future Flash player releases.

    But, Adobe, pleeeeeaaase include Flash Player’s *encoder* on this game

    It is hard to explain today why Skype (using vp7), for free, can offer much better video than a cool, sometimes fee-based, video chat/web conferencing app built in Flash. Flash Media Encoder can deliver h.264, but it’s definitely not an elegant solution for a non-tech savvy, know-nothing-about-encoders end user.

    So, yes, VP8 opens a whole new world of possibilities for video and for finally enhancing the quality of videos encoded by the Flash Player. Let’s hope Adobe doesn’t take too long to see that.


  8. I am ready to encode VP8 into a flash container as soon as the player can support it.

    Please define the FLV video packet header for VP8 ASAP, and include the decoder within the player.

    I can provide VP8 solution within an hour once the Flash player can decode it.

    Please also consider to add vp8 encoding to the Camera


  9. I agree Vp8 has some benefits, like better sound quality (by using Ogg Vorbis). But the performance is really really bad right now…

  10. Please be able to play webm with matroska container AND VORBIS.
    Please add vorbis! Both as encapsulated in webm and oga/ogg.

  11. I am sure that a new burst on the encoder of Flash Player (supporting live encoding of camera in VP8) would benefit all of users and be a real reason to keep Flash on the TOP 1 – the most powerful solution for the web communication.

    I know a lot of people planning porting to JAVA because the old encoding techniques that FP have now.

    I am here to ask you a new FP video encoder, please, give me more reasons to still saying: YES, FLASH IS THE BETTER.

  12. So far I have downloaded every flash plyer you have since on facebook keeps displayinga a yellow bar saying send crash report, because of flash player, it won’t work so I can play my games, I need a fix, I have gone to tools at eh top of fcebook bar, then his options, then advance , and unchecked the submit crash report check. Only to look back on it a few minutes later, it has the check back. I have DSL, and I can’t hardly watch utube stuff. But the cames are the worst that makes me the maddest. Send me a good link to a real FIX
    Thanks Claudia McCune

  13. Is there any update on the progress of this? Will flash player support vp8 by the end of the year? I know the original encoding/decoding specs were a little shaky but they’ve been improved a lot since march

  14. I too would like to know if flash player will finally support playback of OGG Vorbis audio files.

    I have sent Adobe requests for this as far back as 2004…

    It would be a dream if it did finally and we could leave both h.264 and mp3 behind.

    Can you tell us since so many others have posted asking…

    Will flashplayer finally support OGG Vorbis audio codec?