Flash Player 10.1 on Google TV

Adobe and Google are working closely together on a number of different efforts including support for Flash Player 10.1 and AIR across various platforms and devices. One of these new platforms is Google TV, Google’s new Android based platform that brings the power of the web in to the living room. Google TV includes Flash Player 10.1 integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser delivering the full Web to consumers on their television sets. The digital home is a huge step for Flash and it represents an amazing new screen for developers and content creators to bring rich interactive content to the TV.

With support for Flash Player 10.1, Google TV customers have access to the full web. This includes the approximately 75% of online videos and web games that use Flash, the vast numbers of rich Internet applications, and content across social networks. Flash Player 10.1 will support hardware-accelerated video playback and deliver smooth, HD (1080p) quality video on Google TV devices. We’re excited that having Flash Player 10.1 as a key part of Google TV will enable an additional screen for the more than 3 million Flash developers to create content for.

We are seeing widespread interest from our partners in the digital home space and we are working closely with them to include support for Flash. Today, consumers can experience rich Flash-based applications, content and user interfaces in televisions, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players from Samsung, Vizio, Haier, BestBuy Insignia, and Tivo. Game consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 also feature Flash technology.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video we shot on site at the Googleplex showing Flash Player running on Google TV.





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7 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 on Google TV

  1. So, ADOBE ahem GOOGLE strikes back!! Yippee Caye CUPERTINO (APPLE for laymen)…

  2. Curious how were you guys navigating Google TV? Mouse? Is there a separate remote?

    I’m sure there will be a Google Marketplace app, but what I really want to see is the first iPhone app for that 😉

  3. I’m hopeful but skeptical about this project. Didn’t Apple try something similar to this with their AppleTV box? I know that was to get content from the computer to the TV and not the other way around, but it was still a spectacular failure. Something tells me most people still prefer to keep their television and computer experiences somewhat segregated

  4. Boa Noite Não entedi nada do adobe tv informativo SUA Apresentação POIs morro no Brasil e Informação ESTA deverião Ser Traduzidas em portuques obrigado brasil

  5. Estou esperançoso, mas céticos sobre este projeto. Apple não tentar algo semelhante a isto com a sua caixa de AppleTV ? Eu sei que foi para obter conteúdo do computador para a TV e não o contrário , mas ainda assim foi um fracasso espetacular. Alguma coisa me diz que a maioria das pessoas ainda preferem manter a sua televisão e computador experiências de certa forma segregados