Increasing The Code Hint Cache Size In Flash CS5

You may have read my earlier post about needing to not have two many files in your ActionScript source path in Flash CS5. After a certain number of files is reached, Flash will basically abort. This is to prevent Flash from indexing your entire hard drive if you happen to save your file in the top level of your disk (i.e c:\). Now the limit is actually 1000 files by default, but as hardcore Flashers know, sometimes your global AS directory can be much larger. Well luckily there is a way to change this limit. WARNING: do not change this if you are uncomfortable with editing your registry. Also do not change this and then complain that Flash is running slow when you save your FLA into your root directory of your hard drive.


  1. Open Regedit and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe > Flash 11 > Settings
  2. Right+click and choose: ‘New… > DWORD Value’
  3. Rename the key: Project File Cap
  4. Select the key and choose: ‘Modify’
  5. Edit the value as either hex or decimal: 1000
  6. Click OK and restart Flash


  1. Open ‘/Users//Library/Preferences/Flash CS5 Preferences’ in Text Edit
  2. Under the section add the following:
  3. Save the file and restart Flash

What should you set it at? Well if you are good about saving your FLA files into their own folders, then it doesn’t really matter. I would try 5000 and see if that works. You can always change it back. Adobe is working on an official TechNote about this too.


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