Flash Platform Evangelist Kit – Get it Now!

The Flash Platform Evangelist Kit is here! This new resource is for developers and technology decision-makers in companies who want to understand how to use the Flash Platform to create rich Internet applications (RIAs) for the enterprise.


RIAs offer rich, engaging experiences that improve user satisfaction with web apps, and can increase worker productivity. Occasionally RIAs are mistakenly thought of as overly-designed web sites with little use besides entertaining viewers and hyping new products. In fact, “When they are well-designed,” says Forrester’s Ron Rogowski, “RIAs can have a huge impact on customer experiences.” This kit has a ton of resources to show you how using the Flash Platform and its broad reach on the Web, can help you deploy successful RIAs consistently across browsers, desktops, and devices. Go here to download the Flash Platform Evangelist Kit now.

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