Integrate your Flash/Flex/AIR app with social media: Flash Platform Services developer docs

Flash/Flex/AIR developers: if you haven’t already, check out the Adobe Flash Platform Services. They can help you add social and collaborative capabilities to your applications or websites, while also making it easier to distribute, track and earn money from them.

As of now there are three services: Promotion, Social, and Collaboration. Here’s a little bit of information about each and links to the developer documentation.

Promotion Service offers both free and paid methods for promoting applications to more than 70 social networks and services, desktops, and (as of the recent 1.5 release) mobile devices. You can also track distribution of and user engagement with your applications, and earn money by hosting ads in them. Adding a Share menu to your application enables its viral distribution. Users can add your application to their social pages, mobile devices, or desktops through the Share menu. The Share menu can be added using the extensions to Flash Professional, Flex Builder 3, or Dreamweaver.

General information about the Promotion Service, including where to download extensions
Developer documentation

Social Service lets you integrate social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace with your applications, increasing engagement with your apps and promoting them virally. You can integrate your application with multiple social networks using Facebook Connect, Sign-in with Twitter, and MySpaceID without writing separate integration code for each network.

The Social service consists of three parts:

  • An ActionScript 3.0 API, which can be implemented in Flash or Flex, and aggregates the different social network APIs.
  • Plug-and-play widgets that use the social API for login, share, invite, select friends and other commands.
  • Dashboard analytics for reviewing and optimizing your app’s social performance.

General information about the Social Service
Developer documentation

LiveCycle Collaboration Service lets developers add real-time collaboration and social capabilities to applications. Social games are a common example of this, but users increasingly expect real-time interactivity in areas such as online customer service, e-learning applications, etc.

General information about the Collaboration service
LiveCycle Collaboration Service Forum

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