YouTube Uses Flash – Google Explains Why

A great, detailed post on the YouTube API blog from Google’s YouTube team explains why they depend on the Flash Platform to deliver 2 billion videos a day to people worldwide.

The team explains how Flash provides a reliable way deliver video to the browser, securely; how Flash makes it easy for people to share videos and embed on other sites; how you can go fullscreen in HD with videos using Flash Player, and how the 1000’s of people who record and upload vids directly to YouTube need camera and microphone access “which would not be possible without Flash technology.”

Thanks to the YouTube team for shedding some light on why Flash is such a major part of the most-used video site on the web.


OSID Generator Application Updated

Developers that apply to distribute the Adobe AIR runtime are provided access to a tool, the Operating System Identifier (OSID) Generator application, that can be used to identify a platform-specific identifier for an installed AIR application. By obtaining these OS specific IDs, developers can detect and launch an installed AIR application.

A few developers reported that they were experiencing issues using this tool with their AIR 2 applications. In response, we recently made available an updated version of the OSID Generator application that addresses the issue.

Please see the mini-FAQ below for additional information on this update.

Q: Where do I find the updated OSID Generator application that is compatible with AIR 2?

A: If you were approved to distribute the AIR runtime for AIR 2 or earlier versions, you were sent an email that included a link to instructions for how to download the OSID Generator application. Please refer to this email to locate this link.

Q: Where can I find additional information on distributing the AIR runtime so that I can have access to the OSID tool? Where can I apply?

A: To request a distribution agreement for the AIR runtime, please see visit the request page. Once approved, you will be sent a link that includes instructions for how to download the OSID tool.

Q: Though I successfully applied and was approved to redistribute the runtime, I can no longer find the link to the page that allows me to download the OSID application. What should I do?

A: Please reapply to distribute the AIR runtime. Once approved, you will be sent a link that includes instructions for how to download the OSID tool.

Q: Where can I find instructions on how to use the OSID Generator application?

A: Once your distribution request is approved, you receive a link to a page that includes a link to documentation for the OSID Generation Application. Once the link is loaded in your browser, click on the "Download documentation" link in the "Adobe AIR Runtime Installer files" section. Once the "Adobe AIR Runtime Redistribution Instructions" instructions page is loaded, read the section titled "Using the OSID Generator application."

Test your Flash Platform Android apps now, without a phone

Writing Flash Platform applications for Android, or designing Flash content for mobile users and want to see the content emulated on specific mobile devices? Adobe Device Central CS5 has profiles for many mobile devices so you can test your applications without owning the device.

Since Adobe just released the official Motorola X profile for Android, you can test your Android 2.2 (aka “Froyo”) apps and sites now and get the phone later.

To test apps In Flash Professional CS5

With your FLA file open, select Control > Test Movie > in Device Central. Select the device you want in the Test Devices panel. The application appears in the emulator:


To get new devices

In Device Central, click Browse and then search for a keyword, like “Droid” to see what’s available:


Click and drag new profiles, like the Motorola Droid or Motorola X, to your list of Test Devices.

If you don’t see the profile you want, come back soon; the community is posting new profiles daily and Adobe posts official profiles as they are finalized.

To get back to the list of devices at any time

Click Browse and the Home button:


Click Emulate Flash to get back to testing in the emulator

To test mobile-specific features, like the Accelerometer

If a phone’s profile supports accelerometer or other mobile features, you can test them in Device Central. The Accelerometer panel lets you simulate moving the device in three
dimensions. Alt+Click simulates multiple finger touches and the Multitouch panel lets you set touch size and pressure. The Geolocation panel lets you test GPS features, and other panels
provide even more information:


Device Central works with Dreamweaver and several other Adobe products. Test your entire Flash-enabled Web site for mobile browsing using Device Central (including HTML5 sites).

Related links:

Sweet video description of organizing classes, implementing mobile feature APIs and using Device Central by Adobe’s Mark Doherty:

Device Central Support page:

Twitter updates for Device Central profiles:

Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack extension:

Dreamwever testing mobile content in Device Central Adobe TV page:

Using Device Anywhere (an alternative to Device Central) for testing:

Send us (22nd Century) to India!

Dear Friends:

If you haven’t heard yet, you have helped 22nd Century (my band) win the provincial portion of a national battle of the bands called Band on the Run (see . We’re now in the finals of national level competition and first prize is an all expenses paid plus paying gig at the Independence Festival in India in August which means performing in front of an audience of over 200,000. In order to beat the 5 bands from the other provinces participating we needs votes. The online voting starts tomorrow at 1:00 PM eastern and only lasts one week. We stand a one in 6 chance of winning.

In the last 3 years, we played a lot of charity gigs to raise money for causes of others and want to ask for a favor now in return. We would like to ask you to vote for us every day for the next 7 days at this link: We also know we’ve asked a lot and want to be really honest and say that we know many of you have given us more than we can ever repay. Having said that, it is a dream of ours to play at one of the world’s largest rock festivals and represent Canada!! By the time you read this, there should be a “VOTE” button on the page.

We want to propose that each day (only for the next 7 days) you click here to vote

All you have to do is take 1 minute to open it, click on the link and vote.

In return, all we can do is keep thanking you. Any money we receive above and beyond our expenses in India will be donated towards a charitable cause (perhaps to clean up the gulf, build more school houses in Tanzania, fight the HST, buy Donald Trump a new hair cut?).

Again, we’re humbled by this opportunity and realize it wouldn’t have happened without you. Votes from any country count!

duane, tim and zippy

I’ll Be Appearing on CNET Live Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be appearing on the Android Atlas show on CNET Live. The topic will of course be Flash Player on Android. You can go and submit questions over on the CNET website. Ask about anything and everything related to Flash on Android.

On a related note, I found this nice video today from the Android and Me website showing off various Flash sites using a Nexus One. It’s nice to see an Android community video showing off the power of Flash on mobile.


Student Interaction Designers use Flash Catalyst

Last May – Adobe, Hearst Corporation and Missouri School of Journalism announced winners of a student interaction design competition to produce interactive applications that solve real-world needs in the advertising / news-gathering sides of the journalism industry.

The winning teams and students from Shanghai came to Adobe San Francisco to present their projects and meet the team behind Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 – the software at the center of their projects. Visit the Flash Catalyst product managers’ blog (FlashCats) and learn more about these students, the competition and watch the video.


Using Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 in Flash Builder

I didn’t realized until Renaun blogged it that the Flex 4.1 SDK includes Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2. One of the biggest pains for me during the beta period was copying over files and folders to merge the 4.0 SDK with AIR and Flash Player so I could do development in Flash Builder. I didn’t know they were doing a 4.1 that included both of the new runtimes.

That means you can grab the Flex 4.1 SDK, and using Flash Builder 4 you can add it to your list of SDKs and start taking advantage of the new APIs including multi-touch, geolocation, and socket server. As Renaun mentioned, make sure you target Flash Player 10.1 or above in your project when you’re selecting the new SDK or you won’t be able to use the new APIs.

Flash on!

Docs for Global Error Handling in Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2

One of the most anticipated features of Flash Player 10.1/AIR 2 was global error handling. Global error handling lets you use one class to handle any uncaught errors in your code:

Very, very handy. Description and code examples in the ActionScript 3.0 Reference:

Flash Community Believe Video

In addition to being one of the pioneers of MMA, clothing company Tapout is also amazing at creating commercials. Below is a Flash version of the commercials that are currently running on Spike TV.

Now there are many community members not represented here but choices had to be made. It came down to who had cool photos of themselves on Flickr. If you don’t you should hang around with John Davey and Ralph Hauwert more often.

Photos from ArulPrasad, Alan_Ross, johnnybelmont, unitzeroone, chrisorwig, mike.chambers. I know I missed some so please let me know in the comments and I will add you.