Watching the World Cup with ESPN3 and Flash

If you’re a citizen of the Internet, you probably know that the World Cup kicked off today. If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I am a fan of global events like this so I’ll definitely be keeping it on in the background. I may even be hitting one of the local bars at some point to drink way too early and watch. But mostly I’ll be watching it online and ESPN3 has all of the world cup action streaming along with stats, info, and anything else you could ask for. And it’s all powered by Flash.

My colleague, Jens Loeffler has a great writeup on the app and the experience. It’s all powered by the Flash Platform and Flash Media Server. You get multiple audio channels (so you can listen in Spanish, which I think is the best way to listen to goals being scored) as well as picture-in-picture and real time highlights that appear along the timeline so you can go back and see the cool moments. It’s a really great showcase of Flash and how the whole platform comes together to provide an excellent viewing experience.

Flash on soccer fans!

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