P2P Video Calls on Android

Note: these AIR features are “working”, although they may not make it into the v1 product.

This week I have been working on a couple of different mini-projects to test out new beta features of AIR 2.5 for Android. The engineering team are pushing out features every week, and I have to say I’m very very impressed with their efforts. We are arguably now at feature parity with the desktop AIR releases, which is precisely the goal of the Open Screen Project.

In the 5/7 build we have added Camera, Microphone, StageWebView and NativeExtensions features to the beta. Of course AIR comes with all of the Flash Player 10.1 features along with multi-touch/gestures, support for bitmap matrix caching and Geolocation APIs.

“FlashTime” is obviously a working title, and the code isn’t exactly stable so I don’t want to release it just yet. I hope I can finish it by next week, by which time it will have a name – suggestions welcome.

Flash/AIR on!

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