"Demand for Flash engineers has suddenly Surged" – WSJ

The Wall Street Journal posted an interesting article about how full-time Flashers “can now command more than $150,000 a year in salary,” according to GreeneSearch recruiting firm.

“In Silicon Valley, hot job categories come and go as different technologies shift in and out of favor. The latest example: Flash engineers.” Writer Pui-Wing Tam says that start-ups, such as online gaming companies – are looking for Flash developers who are creative and can code. (That’s you, right?) The Flash developer cited in the piece said, “I make 150% more than three years ago.”


Here are some resources to help you hone your skills:

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8 thoughts on “"Demand for Flash engineers has suddenly Surged" – WSJ

  1. Stand by for True Believers to stop by and tell you that this is actually *bad* news for the Flash Platform, which they’ll liken to COBOL. (Aren’t I nice, saving them so much typing? But the effort won’t be saved, because “the journey is the reward,” and that means taking up arms.)

  2. I hate to break it to you, but there are very few of us that deserve 150K. This blog post and the article just serve to annoy flash devs that arent rock stars (myself included) and falsely inflate the desires of people out there that are already being well paid, but not grossly overpaid.

  3. Jon – in America you ~deserve~ what the market will bear.
    If the market wants to give you a big wet smooch – take it!

    It’ll kick your ass tomorrow – so get it while you can.

    – 50 year old Flasher Extraordinare.

  4. I don’t think the idea that Flash development salaries are now highly inflated is in any way good news for the Flash Platform. If demand for developers is outstripping supply, in many instances companies or agencies (which have to pass on costs to maintain margins) will simply look to other (better value) technologies to achieve their goals.

    Right now that means open standards.