Announcing the ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder

We are very excited to share with the ActionScript community an ActionScript Code Coverage Plugin for Flash Builder 4. This plugin provides an Eclipse perspective that allows you to start/stop the code coverage tool, view generated code-coverage reports, examine source code and save/load reports. Typically developers will use the code coverage tool to see which areas of code have not been exercised during execution so that additional testing requirements can be identified.

The tool provides detailed line coverage and method coverage reporting, as well as highlighting classes that are not linked into the application. You can use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in for Flash Builder with applications developed in ActionScript 3, optionally using either Flex SDK 3.x or Flex SDK 4.x, targeting both Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR®. A trial or licensed version of Adobe Flash Builder 4 Premium is required to use the ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in.

You can access the plugin on Adobe Labs here, read documentation around using and configuring the code-coverage tool, and provide feedback via the code-coverage forum.

Tour de Flex Samples now hosted in 16 locations across planet earth

A few weeks ago, Tour de Flex passed the 20 million samples served milestone very quietly.  The quietness was not intentional…. we were just too busy to notice when it happened!  Traffic continues to be very strong and very spread out across the globe.  Starting a few minutes ago, all of the Tour de Flex samples are now hosted in 16 different locations around the world (see map below).  When you view a sample, it will load from the location that is closest to you.  If you are in China or Japan, you’ll really see a difference in load times.

I’ll be blogging in the next couple of days on how this was accomplished in less than two hours….so stay tuned.  It’s actually very cool!

For those of you that haven’t looked at Tour de Flex lately, you should take a fresh look.  We now have 551 Flex samples!  A lot of the credit goes to Maile Valentine who has taken over responsibilities for getting more samples deployed to Tour de Flex.  Our response time has gone from 8+ weeks (I suck) to less than 2 days (Maile rocks)!   SO IF YOU HAVE SAMPLES TO CONTRIBUTE, SEND THEM TO ME at gregsramblings (at) gmail (dot) com.  After a quick review, Maile will get them added.

Below is a map showing the servers:

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Help shape the future of the Flash Platform tools

The Flex SDK, Flash Builder, Catalyst, and Flash Professional product teams are looking for your input. The teams are currently running a survey to gauge your current usage and satisfaction with Flex and Flash tooling, and to understand how you would prioritize the next generation of features.

The product teams take these surveys very seriously and it is therefore the ideal opportunity to help shape the future of the Flash Platform tools.

The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete and your responses will remain completely confidential.

Go to the survey.

Want to shape the Flex roadmap?

The Flash Platform tooling team would like the community’s help in shaping the product roadmaps for the Flex SDK, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Professional.

We would like you to complete a 15-20 minute online survey.  In the survey, you’ll get an opportunity to help us understand how you are using Adobe tools currently, and we’ll also ask you where we should take the products by helping us prioritize potential areas of investment.

The product management team takes these surveys very seriously and the results figure heavily into the decisions that we make about feature prioritization.

Please, take the opportunity to give feedback.

Thanks so much for your time!

Flash Platform Tools Product Management team

RIA Unleashed in Boston November 11-12

RIA Unleashed is the premier event for Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, and ColdFusion developers in the New England area. This year the event has expanded to two days, November 11th and 12th. Day one is devoted to your choice of hands-on training in areas such as Flex, Flash, AIR, AIR for Android, and ColdFusion. Some highlights of day one include Scott Janousek covering AIR for Android, Mike Labriola teaching component development in Flex 4, and Bob Silverberg on ColdFusion 9 ORM.

Day 2 is the conference day, featuring 4 tracks and over 20 sessions on Adobe technologies and development. This is the best event to get all the scoop on the announcements and releases from Adobe MAX. Speakers from Adobe include Ryan Stewart, Adam Lehman, James Ward, Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and Terrence Ryan. RIA Unleashed also features some of the most well known and respected members of the Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion developer communities including Jesse Warden, Jesse Freeman, Raymond Camden, Charles Schulze, Brian Diette, Jeff Tapper, and Chuck Freedman among others.

Registration is currently just $200 for both days–that includes the hands-on training, conference day, the Thursday night party, and lunch on both days. You can also just attend the conference day sessions for only $75. Tickets are limited at both prices, so get them before the price goes up. Also, the hands-on training has limited seating, so register soon before it fills up. Keep in mind, this event sold out early last year, so register soon!

Full details at:
Register at:

New Blackberry Tablet is Great for Flash

Today RIM announced a new tablet known as the Blackberry Playbook. Check out the video below to see just how cool this thing looks. It is fully decked out with Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.5. So Flash developers will soon have another huge market to deliver their content to. We will be releasing more details soon about this tablet, but it will feature Flash and AIR at its core. I’m really excited about this one. You can check the Adobe Labs page that describes Flash development for Blackberry devices.

Reminder: First Hero Open Iteration Meeting on Friday

The Flex SDK team would like to remind folks that the first Hero Open Iteration Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1st. The purpose of the Hero Open Iteration meetings is to discuss the changes in development process with the Hero release as well as review the features (both desktop and mobile) that were completed in past Hero iterations and identify the work that will be tackled in the upcoming iterations. There will be time for some short Q and A with the product team as well. The meeting will be recorded and posted onto the Hero open source site.

Meeting: Hero Open Iteration Meeting
Date: October 1, 2010
Time: 8 – 9 AM PT (11 am ET, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)
Connect Details:

For anyone interested in the Hero release and learning more about the capabilities the Hero SDK will contain, this is a meeting that should not be missed!

Flash Builder “Burrito” sneak #3

Following on from the previous feature sneaks for Flash Builder “Burrito”, this week we’re excited to show you a quick demonstration of code templates (also referred to as snippets) for MXML, AS and CSS code.

Flash Builder “Burrito” is an upcoming version of the product that is currently in development – another feature sneak will be posted next week. Enjoy!

AIR for TV sessions at MAX

You’ve written AIR apps for desktops and mobile devices, and now you can write them for TV, too.

AIR for TV product manager Aditya Bansod has posted a blog entry explaining what you can learn at MAX about AIR for TV.

The most fun session may be the hands-on lab in which you learn to actually develop an AIR application for TV.

Check out Aditya’s post at: