BlackBerry PlayBook in the flesh at Adobe MAX!

We are sitting back and reflecting on all the great news that came out of the Day 1 keynote at Adobe MAX 2010 today. Flash content developers can literally pick any screen or device and go build amazing apps and experiences for it.

The one that I know a lot of us here at MAX are really excited about is the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve all read blogs and press releases about how the device has a gorgeous screen, a real multitasking Tablet OS and support for Flash Player and AIR built down into the silicon – but no one had ever seen it working live before. Well that changed today at Adobe MAX.

If you were not here or missed the Live broadcast on MAX Online here is the video from the keynote with Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO and Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM walking through a broad variety of AIR apps and Flash content live on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Kevin kicked things off by talking about eUnity, a rich and interactive healthcare application built in Flex and already deployed in hospitals. Check out the highlights here:

Want to start building apps in AIR for the PlayBook? Download the new PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR from

It comes with a simulator to test out your apps before submitting them to Blackberry App World. And if your app gets approved for launch on the device, RIM will be sending you a free PlayBook! Now that’s just sweet!

Great times for building great stuff with the Flash Platform…just Great times!

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One thought on “BlackBerry PlayBook in the flesh at Adobe MAX!

  1. Sounds cool. You know what would be awesome? If you could use Apple app store apps on a Playbook too. It won’t happen, but it would be cool, just to annoy Steve Jobs.