An Update from Google on Flash Searchability

Check out the post from Google’s Webmaster Central blog for a progress report on Google’s indexing of Flash content. According to Google, their work has enabled them “to index all kinds of textual content in SWF files, from Flash buttons and menus to self-contained Flash technology based websites.” Recent work by Google and Adobe adds a new library with features supported by Flash Player 10.1 and video indexing has further improved. More updates on the Google blog, and a few suggestions for designers and developers to ensure their content for Flash Player is “find-able.”

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6 thoughts on “An Update from Google on Flash Searchability

  1. Finally 🙂 i thought this never would happen. As some of my Friends mentionted that flash is bad for good indexing i rarely used it for my website but if this really improves now and i get a good indexing with flah in google now i defintly will use it more often. Been waiting long time for this. Great!

  2. I saw this coming when Adobe made the pdf have recognizable text and they bought out Macromedia (including Flash) bringing recognizable text to Flash as well (though I have to admit I had trouble with clickable text buttons in Flash there for a while). Despite what my SEO colleques say I always believed that Flash could be optimized, it’s just a matter of how (and when).
    Keep it up!

  3. I have down loaded Adobe Flash and I still can not get anything on it. If someone sends me something with Adobe Flash, I can’t read it. What do I have to do?

    • Hi Mary Anne,

      Are you asking about your desktop or laptop computer, or your mobile phone or device? If you are asking about whether you have Flash Player in your desktop/laptop computer, go to to see which version of Flash Player you are using. If nothing appears, you will have a link to get Flash Player. If you are asking about whether you have Flash Player on your mobile device, visit this page to see the latest list of devices that support Flash Player 10.1

      Finally, per your comment, “If someone sends me something with Adobe Flash, I can’t read it.” — Please note that people rarely send each other Flash content. They do send each other links to pages with Flash content…is that what you meant?


  4. I am having a problem when i am on tagged cafe for about three days now i cant see clearly what is happening in the cafe every thing keep fading in and out this is when i am at home only. when i am on other computer i dont hahe this problem please what do i need to do or to download THANKS.