Happy Holidays!

2010 was definitely a year with some spectacular roller coasters… I’ve been thinking all morning about which highlight I would pick if I had to choose one. Adobe MAX was definitely a huge highlight for me this year. The keynotes, MAX online, meeting Martha Stewart and William Shatner, the amazing buzz and meeting some amazing people at the MAX Bash, … It’s going to be tough to top that this year! But the biggest highlight is probably seeing how great the Flash community is. From the people that organize great events like FOTB, FFK, AUGXL, FITC, Flash Camps, user group meetings, … to the people that share code / help others and the people who read my blog and/or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You guys are truly amazing. Wow… This is starting to sound like some acceptance speech for some award or something… Ehr… Before it gets too mushy… 😉 Happy holidays! 2011 is going to rock!

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