Happy New Year!

2010 is almost finished and yet, when I look back I can’t believe how packed was this year for those earning a living using the Flash Platform. I mean just look at the extension of the Flash Platform on mobile devices, the changes and improvements we’ve made to Flex and Flash Builder, the new capabilities added to the platform. It’s amazing that I can use today Flex “Hero” to build desktop applications and mobile applications (for Android, BlackBerry Playbook; iOS support is coming in 2011).

What continues to amaze me is the community around the Flash Platform. I truly feel privileged because I travel around and get a chance to meet and talk to you. This is one of the best parts of my job for sure. So, I want to thank you for the events you’ve organized this year and I’m looking forward to see you again next year.

And finally, I want to thank all my readers. It is so much easier writing tutorials and blog posts when you know people will read them :).

To all of you, I wish you A Happy New Year! And don’t forget, 2011 seems to be even better than 2010 – well I do work for Adobe so I have some inside information :).

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