My Technology Choices for the New Year

I get a lot of questions throughout the year about what technology I am currently using. This includes things like what phone, tablet, computer, and camera I am using. As 2010 comes to an end I thought I would write a quick article that talks about my current technology choices and why I made them. So here goes in no particular order.

This is always the trickiest one as there are so many quality phones being released. Google releasing the Nexus S with no 3G support of AT&T was a real bummer. It doesn’t deserve to be a called an unlocked phone in my opinion. I have been using my Samsung Captivate for months and it is still my favorite phone. The whole Galaxy S line from Samsung are the only phones that have a screen that can match up against the iPhone 4. To me a phone lives or dies by its screen. While a beautiful device, the iPhone 4 and its screen are too small for me. Another thing that is important is the software. Since my Captivate runs on Android, I can install whatever ROM I want on it to get the best performance and also ditch the crappy AT&T/Samsung software. I’m currently using some version of Cezar’s ROM (can’t remember which one) with the Gingerbread keyboard that has been really solid. (p.s. you suck Samsung for still not officially updating to froyo)

Here Apple is the clear winner with the iPad. I bought one when they first came out and was supremely unimpressed. That was the result of the small number of tablet-optimized applications available. Now however there are thousands of great apps built just for the iPad. I use it mainly to check email and social networks from the couch and also for travelling. Lately I’ve been reading my Kindle books on there too (something I said I would never do). Samsung blew it with the first Samsung Tab in my opinion. They should have included a super-AMOLED display like on the Galaxy S phones. The screen looks downright blurry compared to my phone. Hopefully Apple competitors will step up their game in 2011.

Once again Apple trounces the competition in this area. The Macbook Pro is still my preferred laptop simply because of the industrial design of it. It feels good, has a nice screen, and the backlit keyboard is a must for me. I’m really hoping that HTC gets into the laptop arena as they are great at industrial design. How about a soft touch laptop?

Operating System
While Apple wins the hardware award from me, Windows 7 is my operating system of choice. I have been using it for almost a year now and I don’t miss OSX for a second. Actually that is not entirely true. I do miss the Unix command line but I can get along with Cygwin just fine. Microsoft really nailed Windows 7 as I have yet to have a single blue-screen or OS crash since I started using it.

Gaming console
The PS3 was always my favorite console but the XBOX 360 has recently blown it out of the water. The Netflix integration is awesome and that is one of the main things I use it for. I also recently got the Kinect camera and I’m loving that thing as well.

Like I have mentioned before, I use the Canon 7D for all my shooting projects. I shoot everything at 60fps so that I can get buttery smooth-slow motion if I need it. For a lens, I currently carry a Canon 20mm 2.8 lens that I use for everything I do. You can see the video in the last post for an example. That is shot with the on-camera microphone, which is surprisingly good.

Audio gear
When I want to do a professional interview I record the audio using an Edirol R-09HR recorder and a hard-wired lapel mic that I got from Radio Shack. For recording tutorials I am currently using a Blue Snowball microphone with a hiss and pop filter screen over it. Plosives blow!

Well that’s what I’m using right now. Catch me in a month and it all might be different :-) .

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