AIR 2.7 + Flash Player 10.3 Beta 2 on Labs

The runtime teams are on a roll! Flash Player 10.2 was only released to the general public just last month and the first beta of Flash Player 10.3 was already on Adobe Labs just a few weeks after that. Today the second beta of Flash Player 10.3 is available on Labs.

Flash Player 10.3 introduces new developer features and enhanced user privacy protection, such as:

  • Media measurement
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Integration with browser privacy control for local storage
  • Native control panel
  • Auto-update notification for Mac OS

We’ve also just released AIR 2.7 on Labs. AIR 2.7 also has the media measurement and acoustic echo cancellation features from Flash Player 10.3 as well as an enhanced HTMLLoader API.

These new beta runtimes are available so that you can test your existing content and start playing around with the new APIs. If you find an issue make sure you tell us about it!

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