Success Bringing Flash Games to iOS

Things are really starting to come together on the iOS front lately. The latest (still not public) 2.7 version of the AIR SDK brings with it greatly improved performance. Even Flex mobile runs great as been shown in numerous videos.

I’m happy to report that Terry Paton‘s first iPad game, Meteor Storm, is now live on the iOS App Store. He and I were equally astounded how easy it was to port it iOS. In fact all that was really required was to resize the game to fit the 1024×768 resolution of the iPad. Terry has written up a great blog post where he talks in more detail about the process.

Still much work to be done
While it is great to see the amazing progress on iOS, there are many things that we are working on to make things even better. The reality is that there are still a wide variety of games that you still cannot build with AIR due to performance limitations and other reasons.

Josh Tynjala recently wrote up a couple of blog posts where he talked about choosing Corona over Flash for the iPad version of Grid Shock. He mentioned performance and integration with Game Center as some of the reasons for his choice. I’m happy to say that all of the things that Josh mentioned are currently being worked on, including native extensions.

With Stage 3D (Molehill) and native extensions coming soon to mobile, things are only going to improve for developers looking to bring their Flash games and applications to iOS.

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