Airgile – one of the best online project management tools

Last month, João Saleiro of, sent me an email about his latest project: Airgile. I logged in using the demo account and looking around. After 10 or 15 minutes of trying various workflows I replied his email congratulating him and his team for a great job.

So what is Airgile? It is professional online tool for product management. You can:

  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Track and plan projects
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Share documents
  • Work remotely

In terms of price and deployment options it offers anything you want: free accounts (it offers a good balance between the features), paid accounts, and deployment on your servers if you want to have complete control over the information.

What about what is under the hood? I talked to João and here are some information if you are curious about how the product works:

  • Backend. They use PHP and MySQL. For client communication they are using Flex remoting with AMFPHP. PHPUnit for testing. Also they are able to update the version of the product without stopping/restarting the machines.
  • Frontend. They used Flex framework 4.5, Swiz, and home baked framework for data management.
  • What’s next? They work on integration between Airgile and Eclipse/Flash Builder using Mylyn. SCRUM and Spring panning support, and mobile version.

Great job João!

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