Introducing the Expanded Adobe & Mobile Showcase

If you’re looking for examples of full web browsing with Adobe Flash Player on your mobile device, chances are you’ve visited Since launching a year ago, this site has been a great resource for leading device manufacturers like Motorola and RIM to promote some of the best rich content created with Adobe Flash technology for their customers to enjoy anywhere, demonstrating the benefits of Flash Player. Today, we’re excited to expand the breadth of expressive apps and web browsing created with Adobe tools for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Apple iOS platforms with the Adobe & Mobile Showcase.

Built with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 products like Dreamweaver CS5.5 using HTML5, visitors to the Adobe & Mobile Showcase can view content available for their mobile platform, with a consistent Adobe-branded experience throughout. Android and BlackBerry PlayBook users will notice a revamped showcase design. And now, Apple iOS device users can view some of the selected AIR apps from FX Networks and USA Network built with Creative Suite 5.5, also available on the iTunes App Store.

More mobile-optimized content will be regularly updated, so be sure to bookmark the site on your smartphone or tablet. Android and BlackBerry PlayBook users will continue to see more great examples of expressive apps and rich web content on their devices, powered by the Adobe Flash Platform. Check out the new Adobe & Mobile Showcase today at and let us know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the Expanded Adobe & Mobile Showcase

    • @Ravi — Thanks for your comment. Adobe is pleased to feature examples of breakthrough cross-platform mobile apps and mobile browsing experiences created with the latest Adobe tools in the Adobe & Mobile Showcase ( Developers can propose their cross-platform apps or optimized websites for consideration by submitting the following information to ‘mflash (at)’. Adobe will review proposals for performance, cross-platform support and innovation and will contact developers if your app or site can be featured. Please provide the following info about your app(s):
      1. Name of app (as it appears in online markets)
      2. Online markets where published or estimated date apps will be published (e.g. Android Market, Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, other markets)
      3. Link to app helps, to make it easy to discover and review
      4. Adobe tools used to create app (e.g. Flash Builder 4.5, CS5.5, Flex SDK, AIR, etc.)
      5. A 10-word description of app
      6. Types of device supported: smartphones, tablets (and any restrictions on devices supported)
      7. Specific features, performance or other reasons why this app should be in the showcase

      For websites: Must use Flash Player (or HTML5 support with CS5.5 )
      1. Name of website (for listing)
      2. URL of website
      3. Adobe tools used (e.g. CS5.5, Flash Builder 4.5, etc.)
      4. How the site has been optimized for a better mobile experience
      5. 10-word description of site
      6. Specific features, performance or other reasons why this site should be in the showcase