Enter the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony – Win Up to $200,000 in Total Cash Prizes

Calling all developers! Do you want to create, distribute and monetize your apps across the newest devices hitting the market? Well, look no further than the “Sony Tablet” devices! Today, Adobe and Sony announced the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony. We want to get some great AIR apps on Android Market optimized for the two “Sony Tablet” models coming out this fall!

Sony will be releasing two tablets with an innovative look and feel. The Sony Tablet S1 (codename) is optimized for rich media entertainment and the Sony Tablet S2 (codename) is ideal for mobile communication and entertainment. Both will tap into Android Market and allow consumers to take advantage of the nearly 4,000 AIR apps and dozens of digital publications already available. Check out the sleek designs of Sony’s new tablets!


With the latest tools like Flash Professional CS5.5, Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 at your disposal, creating powerful cross-platform AIR apps has never been easier. Submit your AIR apps for the App Challenge and you could win $200,000 in total cash prizes plus premium promotion on “Sony Tablet” devices. The contest will give developers selected as Finalists pre-release access to “Sony Tablet” prototypes along with the latest version of Adobe tools and AIR. The categories for the App Challenge include Entertainment, Lifestyle & Community, Games, Business & Productivity, and Innovation. Only 80 Finalist slots are available, so submit your apps today and no later than Oct. 10!

Additionally, Sony is a platinum sponsor for Adobe MAX, Adobe’s annual conference kicking off in LA on Oct. 1. If you submit working versions of your apps by Sept. 16, they could be selected as a MAX Showcase App and you could win a full conference pass, paid travel to MAX (Oct. 1-5) and additional prizes! Final app submissions are due and must be available on Android Market by Nov. 11.

Visit the Adobe AIR App Challenge site for details and deadlines. Please note that due to the need for early access to pre-release prototypes, the contest is only open to submissions from the US, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the UK. We look forward to seeing the innovative application experiences you bring to Sony’s new tablets!

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5 thoughts on “Enter the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony – Win Up to $200,000 in Total Cash Prizes

  1. Hi Guys,

    Do we have to optimize the app for the dual screen device or is it fine if it works on the standard tablet?

    Is there any way of simulating and testing the dual screen in Flash Builder 4.5?


    • @Zsolt — Thanks for your interest in the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony. At this time there is no plan to update Adobe Flash Builder with the capability to simulate apps with a dual screen device. However, you can test your app on the desktop without the need for dual screen support, as Flash Builder sees both screens as merely one large stage. Regarding app optimization, the dual screens are presented to the Adobe AIR runtime as a single surface, just like a normal tablet. We will offer Finalists an Adobe AIR Native extension that provides some utility functions to query the number of screens on the device and their properties so that their AIR app can use both screens and display properly. Hope this helps and good luck with your app submission!

  2. It is a shame that no other countries can participate on this challenge!, i’m from mexico, and it would be nice if you could open submissions from other countries.

    Best Regards.

  3. I am really interested in this challenge. But the tools required to build these apps are really expensive. There should be a process to select people based on their prototype and provide them these software’s.