See the Flash Platform in Action

Companies often turn to the Adobe Flash Platform to solve business problems. From data visualization to customer self service, here are some great rich Internet applications (RIAs) developed by Universal Mind that executed business ideas to make them a reality. Built with Adobe Flash Platform technologies like AIR and Flash Builder and integrating Creative Suite tools, check these RIAs from Kodak, SpatialKey and SchoolVIEW to see what’s possible and learn about the ease of cross-platform app development!

Watch how Universal Mind used Adobe Flash Platform technologies to build the Photo Book app for Kodak, helping them offer a profitable online service allowing customers to easily create their own Photo Books to share “Kodak Moments.”


See how SpatialKey uses Adobe Flash Platform technologies to create a flexible tool for enterprises that rely on large location-based data to better present timely information for better decision making.


Learn how SchoolVIEW by Universal Mind used Adobe Flash Platform technologies to enable the Colorado Department of Education to present student and school achievement data to help administrators, parents and government funders make better decisions regarding education, creating a uniform approach to student educational achievement.

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8 thoughts on “See the Flash Platform in Action

  1. I just love Adobe Flash products and look forward to every update that comes out! These most awesome and powerful Internet Application have changed my life and the life of millions of others.

    Sometimes I think about those who developed them and want to somehow thank them. I know it seems crazy and probably totally impossible, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH Adobe genius’ that have made our world come alive…

    It’s great to have this type of forum to express ones self to those who remain invisible yet seen all around the world 24/7 and more!

    Back to work…

  2. Adobe flash is so useful,like tori burch .
    Sometimes i think about those who developed them and want to somehow thank them.

  3. Unfortunately, the contents of Flash elements is for Google still invisible. : ( Thats the reason why im only use them for small banners.

  4. If you do not install Adobe Flash software, browse the web is definitely not fun. This is a very big impact. I like Flash game also.