Open Source Flash C++ Compiler, CrossBridge

We are excited to announce that the Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) has been contributed to open source as CrossBridge and will be delivered through GitHub.  FlasCC has become the standard technology to bring C/C++ content to the unparalleled reach of the web.  As CrossBridge, it will enjoy the speed of innovation and improvement that the open source community can bring.

FlasCC was previously delivered as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.  As CrossBridge, it is available to everyone and we invite you to join with us to improve it.  Adobe will continue to invest in CrossBridge, contributing to and managing the project.  CrossBridge has been released as 1.0.1, containing all the original source of FlasCC 1.0 plus several improvements to the product.  In addition, we have contributed all current, on-going development work of CrossBridge 1.1, which includes an upgrade to LLVM and the front end, Clang to enable advanced C++ syntax support.  We look forward to collaborating with the community to complete this exciting release.

To get started with CrossBridge, please visit and, to find out more about our Game Developer Tools and the Adobe Creative Cloud, visit

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Bill Howard is a group product manager and has been in the software industry for the last 25 years. Much of the time he has focused on mobile as an architect and engineering manager for Verizon Wireless and Vodafone. In that time, he was involved in the emergence of mobile portals, on device portals, mobile advertising, j2me application infrastructures, and other mobile client services. At Adobe, Bill is responsible for Adobe Gaming SDK, Flash Player and AIR. In his spare time, he plays with his kids and acts like a kid running his RC cars and reading comic books!

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