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Having fun building Consumer Apps @ Adobe!

BlackBerry PlayBook in the flesh at Adobe MAX!

We are sitting back and reflecting on all the great news that came out of the Day 1 keynote at Adobe MAX 2010 today. Flash content developers can literally pick any screen or device and go build amazing apps and experiences for it.

The one that I know a lot of us here at MAX are really excited about is the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve all read blogs and press releases about how the device has a gorgeous screen, a real multitasking Tablet OS and support for Flash Player and AIR built down into the silicon – but no one had ever seen it working live before. Well that changed today at Adobe MAX.

If you were not here or missed the Live broadcast on MAX Online here is the video from the keynote with Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO and Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM walking through a broad variety of AIR apps and Flash content live on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Kevin kicked things off by talking about eUnity, a rich and interactive healthcare application built in Flex and already deployed in hospitals. Check out the highlights here:

Want to start building apps in AIR for the PlayBook? Download the new PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR from http://www.blackberry.com/developers/tabletos

It comes with a simulator to test out your apps before submitting them to Blackberry App World. And if your app gets approved for launch on the device, RIM will be sending you a free PlayBook! Now that’s just sweet!

Great times for building great stuff with the Flash Platform…just Great times!

Open Screen Project Fund: Over 20 apps funded already!

We are excited about the progress we are making along with Nokia with the Open Screen Project Fund (OSP Fund). The Fund as you may know is a 2 year long, $10M market development channel to fuel development of a wide variety of multi screen applications using Adobe Flash.

Since the Fund launched in February, Adobe and Nokia have funded over 20 projects that make an interesting mix of multi screen apps and some really cool mobile apps.

Some of the apps we’ve funded are:
1. LiveTalkBack: This is a real-time audience voting system to collect feedback from mobile devices, web based widgets and the desktop – all using the Flash Platform. The application is soon going to be tested at large Media and Broadcast conferences in Europe and North America and we are excited about the progress the developer is making.
2. uvLayer: Think of this as a minority report-“ish” interface to manage all your favorite online media and share it with friends and contacts across different IM and social networks. Unknown Vector, the company behind uvLayer, had already built the AIR based desktop version of their web based service (www.uvlayer.com). The OSP Fund came in to fund the mobile version of the product to extend the experience to devices on the go.
3. GolfBox: This is a mobile app that allows golfers to book tee times, invite friends to play, read golf related news. It is being built by a team from Little Big Ideas, an interactive agency out of Denmark that has done many pioneering mobile projects in the past with Flash.
4. Mileblaster.com: A great utility application for frequent travelers that tracks frequent flyer miles and award goals, finds mile offers, and sends alerts when miles are about to expire. From the get go this application was built as a Flash widget for the web and has been funded to complete production of not just the web version but also a mobile and desktop version of the very same experience. This will allow users of the service to stay on top of their miles and awards from any Flash supporting device.

These are just some of the apps and information about them and others in now available here. We continue to seek more such interesting utility and media based experiences and are also specifically on the lookout for multi-device games built in Flash. There are already thousands of awesome Flash based online games. We are looking to developers to extend those experiences to more devices to let gamers take game play with them no matter where they go.

If you would like to apply for funding or simply learn more about the OSP Fund I would encourage you to Click here.