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Matt is director of brand publishing at Adobe. His team creates content (articles, videos, podcasts and more) for Adobe’s primary editorial site, helping groups across the company tell their product and customer stories in ways that best serve the brand narrative. Previously, Matt led Brand Social Media and he still consults on creative programs and experiences to grow community and affinity.

Flash Rocks

Yesterday we introduced you to Flash Rocks! For the next several weeks, we’ll share many innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter that were built with the Flash Platform. In promoting these experiences perhaps it will help spark your own creative juices.

Check out our very first Flash Rocks app from The Eco Zoo at, where you can get eco-friendly advice through its striking interactive interface.


Student Interaction Designers use Flash Catalyst

Last May – Adobe, Hearst Corporation and Missouri School of Journalism announced winners of a student interaction design competition to produce interactive applications that solve real-world needs in the advertising / news-gathering sides of the journalism industry.

The winning teams and students from Shanghai came to Adobe San Francisco to present their projects and meet the team behind Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 – the software at the center of their projects. Visit the Flash Catalyst product managers’ blog (FlashCats) and learn more about these students, the competition and watch the video.


Flash Player 10.1: Hardware accelerated HD video

Check out the video below where Neil Trevett from NVIDIA discusses GPU acceleration in Flash Player 10.1. He shows how by offloading the work from the CPU to the GPU (NVIDIA’s ION chip), Flash Player now provides HD video on a range of devices — even the smaller netbooks.

Through before/after demos on a netbook running Flash Player 10, first, and then Flash Player 10.1 after, you can see the performance improvements yourself. As Neil says, “Flash Player 10.1 is a real advance for Flash Player, actually much more than the ‘dot one’ would indicate.”

Read more about all the improvements in Flash Player 10.1 from Paul Betlem, senior director of engineering, on the Flash Player team blog.

Web 2.0 Expo 2010 Highlights

In case you missed it, Adobe was at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this past week discussing and demoing some of the latest Flash Platform technologies running across devices. We showed Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 (available in the first half of this year) running on the Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid and Palm Pre, as well as the Dell tablet. Seeing the latest builds of Flash Player and AIR in action you could see firsthand how developers can deliver the same great experiences users expect on their desktops, right on their devices.

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Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder go GA!

We are very excited to announce the final releases of Flash Builder 4, Flex 4 and ColdFusion Builder. These releases bring together two years of engineering effort and some big advances in how you can now build rich Internet applications. We’ve also released a ton of great new free learning resources to help you put these new tools to work in building RIAs. You can hear from developers at our recent Boston Flash Camp where Ryan, Deepa, and team provided a deep-dive on all the features, and even talked about the little stuff that we don’t talk about much but can really make a difference in your application development. You can watch all the sessions from the Boston Flash Camp on Adobe TV.

These releases provide tremendous new capabilities including:

  • The revolutionary Spark components in Flex 4 enable far more expressive interfaces to be easily created, and pave the way for Flash Catalyst.
  • The Data-Centric-Development (DCD) capabilities of Flash Builder make it radically easier to work with data and web services.
  • Flash Builder’s new developer productivity features such as advanced debugging and improved refactoring, coupled with compiler performance improvements make Flex development faster and easier.
  • ColdFusion Builder addresses the number one request of the CF community, providing extensive IDE capabilities and making CF development much more productive.

So have at it.

Get Flash Builder. Get the Flex 4 SDK. Get ColdFusion Builder.