BlackBerry PlayBook in the flesh at Adobe MAX!

We are sitting back and reflecting on all the great news that came out of the Day 1 keynote at Adobe MAX 2010 today. Flash content developers can literally pick any screen or device and go build amazing apps and experiences for it.

The one that I know a lot of us here at MAX are really excited about is the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve all read blogs and press releases about how the device has a gorgeous screen, a real multitasking Tablet OS and support for Flash Player and AIR built down into the silicon – but no one had ever seen it working live before. Well that changed today at Adobe MAX.

If you were not here or missed the Live broadcast on MAX Online here is the video from the keynote with Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO and Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM walking through a broad variety of AIR apps and Flash content live on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Kevin kicked things off by talking about eUnity, a rich and interactive healthcare application built in Flex and already deployed in hospitals. Check out the highlights here:

Want to start building apps in AIR for the PlayBook? Download the new PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR from

It comes with a simulator to test out your apps before submitting them to Blackberry App World. And if your app gets approved for launch on the device, RIM will be sending you a free PlayBook! Now that’s just sweet!

Great times for building great stuff with the Flash Platform…just Great times!

Spinal Meningitis (not Spinal Tap)

Friends – I want to thank all of you for your immense support during the last two weeks. The support and well wishes from friends and family was extremely critical for me to have while being in an isolation chamber in a hospital thinking I was dying. Right now I am on a short reprieve of 12 hours ( must be back at VHG at 07:00) but wanted to write to update you all on what has happened and the current status.

Basically, in the early morning hours two weeks ago, I was rushed to Vancouver General Hospital with near paralysis and severe pain in my head and torso. This was a complete shock as there was no prior indication anything was wrong and I have enjoyed great health most of my life. After several tests including a spinal tap to retrieve spinal cord fluids, the diagnoses came in as Spinal Meningitis. For those of you who do not know this illness, 70 percent ( or more of bacterial meningitis cases were fatal before antibiotics were developed and with antibiotic treatment, the fatality rate has dropped to 15 percent. The hospital basically pulled out all the stops to rid me of this disease.

Unfortunately, in doing so, they introduced a wide spectrum anti-viral medication into my blood stream. My kidney’s reacted very badly and I currently have a creatinine count of around 357 (when I came into the hospital, the count was 62). 300 + is a very bad score indicating kidney impairment (ref: Currently the doctors are trying to find both the exact reason for the high creatinine count as well as a cure. Tomorrow morning I will get a kidney biopsy (basically a series of 6 drill tests through the kidneys) to try and find exactly what has gone wrong. The results will not be known for a while (Monday maybe) and I will update here.

I want to acknowledge the support of my wife and all my family and friends. There is nothing specific we need at this time so please just well wishes and if you really want to do something, be nice to a random stranger tomorrow. Knowing my life is influencing people I do not know in a good way is the best gift you could give.

Thank you again.

Peace, love and may your code compile on the first try!


LiveCycle Collaboration Service and Screen Sharing

LiveCycle Collaboration Service just got three new features that I’m pretty sure will make you very happy:

Screen Sharing. Yes, this is exactly what the names implies. Now, you can add screen sharing to your applications. Amazingly cool isn’t it?
Recording and Playback. You can record and download your collaborative session, and then playback this recording. You […]

Screen Sharing Feature In Flash Now Available For Everyone!

I can’t even say how much I was looking forward to this blog post. It’s here! This feature of Flash Player and special screensharing add-in, which you might know from Adobe Connect Pro or Adobe ConnectNow is now available for every single Flash Platform developer through LiveCycle Collaboration Service. This is THE KILLER FEATURE […]

Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus Ones

We are pleased to announce that Flash Player 10.1 is now generally available for download on the Android Market for Google™ Nexus One™ phones. Flash Player 10.1 for Android (2.2) is now generally available as of August 16; we had previously released Flash Player 10.1 to partners in June 2010. We expect additional Android devices like the HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Milestone, Droid X, Droid by Motorola, Dell Streak and other mobile platforms to get Flash Player 10.1 over the next few weeks and months. Upgrade paths for devices in market today depend on the specific device, manufacturer, operator and the region. In addition to Android, mobile platforms including webOS, BlackBerry, MeeGo, LiMo, a future version of Windows Phone 7 and others will deliver support for Flash Player 10.1 over the coming months. Many of the new devices are expected to come pre-installed with full Flash.

Android phones available now which support Flash Player 10.1 include:

  • Google™ Nexus One™ — Download from Android Market.
  • HTC Evo™ 4G — Included with the Android 2.2 update from HTC.
  • HTC Desire — Included with the Android 2.2 update from HTC.
  • DROID 2 by Motorola — Devices ship with Flash Player 10.1 preinstalled.

Learn more about current and upcoming devices that support Flash Player 10.1.


Evento MIF IV este Lunes 16 de Agosto

Evento del grupo de usuarios de Flex,
Una muy buena forma de pasar una tarde de Agosto con el equipo de evangelistas Europeos de Adobe al completo, tanto si estas de vacaciones por Barcelona o simplemente tienes la tarde libre.
Donde y cuando? Hotel H10 Marina Barcelona: Av. Bogatell, 64-68 y es 100% gratuito para todos […]