New IBM ILOG Elixir Data Visualization samples in Tour de Flex

We just posted some new IBM ILOG Elixir 3.0 samples in Tour de Flex under the Data Visualization category. Here are some highlights: Supports Flex SDK 4.0 & Flash Builder 4.0 New: Diagram components (Spark) New: Timeline component (Spark) Improved: Gantt chart components Many new features including tasks item renderers coded in FXG, printing, re-designed […]

Scaling an Adobe AIR application to fit multiple resolutions and Netbooks

A few months ago, I blogged about a little side project I’m involved in called ChessJam, an online live chess application built with Flex that runs as a desktop application on Adobe AIR.  A few weeks ago, we had some users complain that ChessJam was basically unusable on Netbooks.  Further investigation confirmed that we had […]

Flex 4 documentation now available in French, German Russian, Chinese and Japanese!

Flex 4 documentation is now available in six languages!

English –
French –
German –
Russian –
Japanese –
Chinese –

We’ve also included links to all six languages in every Flex 4 component sample in Tour de Flex (screenshot below):

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The new

On Monday, March 22, 2010 we launch Adobe Flex 4 and Flash Builder.   We also launched a brand new  For those of you familiar with, you will notice a substantial difference!
Be sure to check out the new Flex showcase (click “What’s Possible“).   Every time we add an application to the showcase, we tweet […]

yFiles FLEX diagram editor sample added to Tour de Flex

Michael Schroeder from yWorks has added a sample to Tour de Flex to showcase their yFiles FLEX diagram editor featuring server-side calculation of automatic graph layouts. Check it out!  You’ll find the new sample under “Other Components”.  Click here to go directly to this sample in the web version of Tour de Flex.

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Flex 3.5 SDK bug impacted AIR auto-update now FIXED in 3.5a

The Flex 3.5 SDK broke the ApplicationUpdaterUI, a commonly used component for enabling auto-update in AIR apps as described in my earlier blog post.
Today, the Flex SDK team post version 3.5a that addresses this bug.  Here are the notes from QA on the bug:
The Flex team has updated the 3.5 SDK with a small update […]

Real-time data visualization using Flex and publish/subscribe messaging

When you hear the term “data visualization”, you probably immediately think of pie charts, bar charts, and line charts showing sales data, population data, or other historical data.   These charts and graphs help us to visualize the data, detect key trends, and make decisions moving forward.
While charts are great for understanding historical data, real-time data […]

Adobe is hiring a RIA / Flex Architect – interested?

Adobe is looking for a talented and highly motivated Architect or Technical lead to help deliver the next generation presentation services (composite RIA, Mashups and client architecture). A successful candidate will have a proven track record as a client side architect on enterprise applications and RIA frameworks. We are looking for bright, motivated individuals to […]

Netflix API samples added to Tour de Flex

Jonathan Campos wrote two samples that demonstrate the netflex-as3-api project, an Actionscript 3 utility library to simplify the Netflix API for Actionscript 3 based applications.

You’ll find two samples under “Cloud APIs” in Tour de Flex.
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