New Video Tutorial – LiveCycle Services via SOAP.

This is the latest in a series of videos aimed at Adobe LiveCycle ES2 for Java ™ developers. This tutorial covers using SOAP based web services to invoke remote ES2 services. The project is built in the Eclipse IDE and if you want it, email us here at technoracle.

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) now available

Adobe has released LiveCycle ES2 Service Pack 1. Service Pack 1 updates LiveCycle ES2 server components, LiveCycle Workbench ES2, LiveCycle Designer ES2 and LiveCycle ES2 SDK (updating both LiveCycle ES2 server and LiveCycle Workbench ES2 is required). This Service Pack can only be deployed on LiveCycle ES2.

Please visit, to download Service Pack 1. Additional details on the contents of the service pack, including the issues it addresses and installation instructions are included in the Read Me file available at the same URL. A file extraction utility such as WinZip/gnu tar/unzip will be required in order to extract the files prior to running the installation.

The direct link to the Service Pack download is

You can also access the download from a few locations on LiveCycle DevNet pages:
1. Downloads tab:

2. Get It section on the Get Started page:

Be sure review the Release Notes and Read Me PDF before installing.

Release notes:
Read Me:

Using LiveCycle ES2 on the Cloud

This video is a complete tutorial on how to get set up and start developing against LiveCycle ES2 running on the Amazon cloud. If you want to get set up, here are the physical links to reproduce this demo:

1. Download and install the LiveCycle ES2 trial. You will need the libraries in the SDK folder to complete this exercise –

2. Get access to a cloud account via the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program –

Here is the video tutorial:

LiveCycle Services Discovery Plug-in for Flash Builder 4 is another component you may wish to download. Tutorials on using this will be forthcoming shortly. With this plugin you can quickly build Flex and AIR applications that invoke a LiveCycle service through remoting endpoints. You must have an installation of Flash Builder 4 before installing the Modeler.

Duane's World – Interview with David RR Webber

I was lucky to catch up with David RR Webber in Washington, DC and was able to talk to him about the OASIS Election Markup Langauge (EML). David and I also got kicked out of a bar in this episode.

Musical guest Matt MacKenzie lays down some 1980’s flavour house groove with a great backbeat and ambiance. Code and Tunes gets into how to set up LiveCycle ES for Java Developers plus some tips on how the OASIS EML might be implemented using Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and PDF.