Our new iPhone page at Adobe.com :-)


We receive literally millions of requests at our Adobe.com pages from iPhone OS users looking for a Flash Player download.

Given our support from the top 19/20 OEMs across multiple device platforms we thought it prudent to provide “more info” to those poor iPhone users that got stuck with a limited browsing experience.

Hope you like it :-)

LiveCycle ES Pre-Conference Session at Adobe MAX

Every MAX is come with a belief that I will achieve at least 5 hours of sleep per night. Inevitably, the one last drink turns into two then suddenly it is 2:00 AM and sleep is limited to less than 4 hours. Normally I just roll with the punches but today I really wished I had been up an hour earlier to do the entire LiveCycle ES training. I missed the first hour. This class is nothing short of excellent!

The room is SRO with 80 strong in attendance. This session has more attendees than Russell Brown’s Photoshop session! This goes to show that Adobe’s enterprise story is stronger than ever and starting to really pick up in the mainstream.

Oh – if you’re not coming to MAX, you can still get the materials from the course. Stay tuned here for more updates. Gotta get back to Workbench now.


What’s all this LiveCycle noise at Adobe MAX about?

You may have noticed that this year’s Adobe MAX has a lot of noise about LiveCycle ES and you may be wondering what it’s all about.  If you would like to see a good overview of LiveCycle along with some great demos, I recommend you grab one of the remaining seats in Marcel Boucher’s session […]

Avoka SmartForm Composer for Adobe LiveCycle ES

LiveCycle ES is taking a larger role this year at Adobe MAX than in previous years.  There are sessions, labs, pre-conference labs (sold out!) and tons of information about LiveCycle.
In addition to all of Adobe’s activity, I wanted to make you aware of something new from one of our partners, Avoka Technologies called SmartForm Composer […]

Duane's World Season Two Opener!

The first episode of Duane’s World Season II is out. This special two part episode covers Adobe MAX in Milan, Italy and San Francisco (will be featured in part 2) plus interviews with Redmonk founder James Governor. Code and Tunes features tutorial on how to use BlazeDS to build a 3 tier architecture and invoke services using AMF from a Flex front end.

The interview with James is very cool as he is very modest about Redmonk’s accomplishments. Redmonk has been voted a major force in the IT industry and has re-written a lot of the rules of how the analyst industry works in IT.

MAX Lab: Making Real-Time Data Come Alive with Flex Data Visualization

If you are attending Adobe MAX, I’d like to invite you to come to what I think will be a fun BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab that I am co-presenting with Holly Schinsky.
I’ve always been fascinated with data visualization, especially data that needs analysis as it is generated.  For example, financial transaction data can […]

Video Tutorial – drawing circles in Flex 3


This is a simple tutorial on how to draw circles using the flash.display.* package. The tutorial will show you how to build a simple application that will enable you to place a circle anywhere you want and understand the code behind it.

If you want the source code, please email me dnickull at adobe dot com.

Get to Adobe MAX 2009 to see more like this at the 2009 Adobe AIR and Flex Boot Camp being taught by James Ward and myself. Register before the August 31 deadline for the special prices detailed here:


Getting to Adobe MAX 2009 on a budget. Get a $400 discount!

Can you believe that Adobe MAX 2009 is only 10 weeks away!? Now would be a perfect time to start planning your trip. Since we are still stuck in these grim economic times, I thought it was a good idea to give you some tips on how and where to find the best prices for […]

Tutorial and Examples for Drag and Drop in Adobe AIR

This video tutorial explains how to build a basic application using the core principles for drag and drop enablement in AIR.

Code (Flex 3, AIR 1.5)

Come to see and learn more cool stuff like this at Adobe MAX 2009, Los Angeles, CA, Canada (near Madrid, Italy)