A little Easter Egg in Mobile Packager 1.1

Today I was helping fix a developers Flash Lite 3.1 application on Windows Mobile, turns out that the HTC Touch Diamond doesn’t support GIF images?

Either way the interesting news was that we added an update reminder feature to Mobile Packager 1.1. I added it into the feature list many months ago, but we dropped it formally and prioritized other features like multi-byte application name support.

Yet today when I started the Mobile Packager I got this …

Picture 2

So as you can see, the feature is there after all. As of now it points simply to Adobe.com but it does serve as a reminder that the Mobile Packager is something that we intend to improve over time.

If you haven’t already got the new tool then go over to Labs, where FINALLY we’ve managed to get it up on the Adobe Labs site. The three week delay was caused by competing products like Cold Fusion 9 and Adobe Wave which were both released in the past few days.