MAX 2010 Call for Speakers Open Until May 3

MAX is always one of my favorite shows of the year. It was my first big show as a community member and as an employee it’s become a great gathering of the community as well as a fun way to show off what’s coming. This year, I’m going to be a lot more involved because I’m taking part of the reigns from Ted and running the content side of things. Because of that, I want to make sure we have the most kick ass sessions and speakers as possible from the community.

Last year we did a call for topics but it got a little bit difficult to manage because there were some topics that the community submitted that overlapped with what the engineers where planning to talk about and there were some things the community didn’t know about and couldn’t submit for. So this year we’re doing a call for speakers instead. The idea is that instead of picking people based on topics, we’ll pick them largely based on their speaking chops, and then either use the session they mentioned or work with them to put them into a session that they are excited about giving.

The call for speakers is open until May 3 so if you’re interested in speaking at MAX, please go fill out the form. And if you have any questions, drop me an email

Adobe MAX session: Flash Catalyst and Builder workflows

At Adobe MAX this week, I presented a session entitled “Working with Flash Catalyst Projects in Flash Builder 4″ – the recording for this will be available on Adobe TV in the future, in the meantime however I’ve posted the slides below.

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The presentation builds on the Exploring Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder workflows article that was published on the Adobe Developer Connection site, but also includes some example code which may help if you wish to explore the use of Flash Catalyst generated skins for custom Flex components that extend SkinnableComponent.

10 leading CEOs discuss the Open Screen Project and Flash

CEOs from ARM, Broadcom, DoCoMo, Google, HTC, Motorola, NVIDIA, Palm, QUALCOMM, and RIM talk about how they’re bringing Flash Platform technologies to their devices and platforms as part of the Open Screen Project and why they think it’s important to have Flash on their devices and platforms.

It’s a great time to be a Flash Platform developer (about Flash and the iPhone)

With the day 1 keynote wrapping up, Adobe MAX 2009 has now officially started. While most of the announcements in today’s keynote were already sent out last night, the biggest announcement was probably a very big surprise to many. The first time I heard this news a few weeks ago, I nearly fell of my […]

Rundown of the MAX News

The press releases just crossed the wire and we have a ton of news coming out of MAX. Plus more surprises in store for tomorrow. For those of you not here you can still check the keynotes out. I’m hosting the online side of the MAX keynotes and we’re doing some fun stuff before and after the keynotes to give you a sense of what’s going on at MAX. As you can tell from the rundown, there’s some fun stuff today.

Flash Platform Runtimes

We’ve been saying all year that Flash on mobile devices is a push this year and we’ve made a lot of progress. Today at the keynotes we’re going to be showing off Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones. This is the version of the Flash Player that we’ve been working on so hard this year. We’ve been working with some great partners including Nvidia and ARM to optimize the player for those devices and create a quality mobile experience.

Possibly more important is that the number of companies committed to the Open Screen Project continues to grow. Today we announced that RIM is joining the Open Screen Project which means that Blackberry will be supporting Flash Player 10.1. Google is also on board. We’ll have public versions of Flash Player 10.1 for Palm, and Windows Mobile later this year with Google Android and Symbian following shortly. Developers will have mobile bits in their hands soon.

We also announced AIR 2.0 which is going to give Flash developers a lot more native hooks into the operating system. A lot of the developers I talked to wanted it and so that’s what the team did. Mike Chambers talked about some of these features at Flash on the Beach. Another cool feature of AIR 2.0 is the ability to record from the microphone without going to a server. getMicrophone can now be a reality


We also have public betas of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst that are available today. I’ve been really impressed with how far Flash Catalyst in particular has come from Beta 1 to Beta 2. It’s a lot more polished, has more functionality (including video) and feels a lot more fun to use. If you checked out Beta 1 and found it lacking, you should check out Beta 2. We’ve also made big progress on Flash Builder and I’ve been a very happy camper using the tool full-time.


Some very cool stuff is also happening on the server side. We’ve released ColdFusion 9, a spectacular release with some great features including the ability for you to consume ColdFusion as a service from inside of your Flex application without writing ColdFusion code. I’ve also been playing with the LiveCycle Data Services release and it’s modeler plug-in for Flash Builder. The team has focused on model-driven development making it easy to generate and create a model, then linking that model directly to your Flex application. It helps by generating all of the assemblers and you can directly modify the user interface just by changing the model.

Finally we’ve got some Flash Media Server news. We’re adding support for HTTP streaming which will include support for content protection. We also have released the Collaboration side of Flash Platform Services and announced pricing so you can jump in and start adding collaboration to your application.

If you guys have any questions (sorry I don’t have more fleshed out info, it’s a lot of news), feel free to drop me an email – and I’ll try and answer what I know.

What’s New In Flash Catalyst Beta 2 Screencast

I did a screencast that tried to cover all of the feature changes between the beta 1 of Flash Catalyst and the just-released beta 2. The team has been very hard at work and they’ve done a really good job. It feels more polished and has a lot of great stuff in it.

The quality of the screencast (and the audio) ended up being bad, so I apologize for that. I’ll be better next time.

What’s New in Flash Catalyst Beta 2 from Ryan Stewart on Vimeo.

Adobe MAX social media & DeadDrop challenge

I’m sure that by now you will have noticed that Adobe MAX is literally just around the corner. The pre-conference show starts this weekend and the countdown has started to Monday’s first keynote. I have managed to sneak in to some rehearsals this week in the San Francisco office and I was absolutely speechless when […]