Properties file based configuration mechanism for Parsley

In this post I introduce a new mechanism for Parsley to load part of a Context from a properties file. This way highly dynamic of changing properties can be managed externally from the properties file, avoiding the verbosity of an XML approach. As always, the source code is attached.
One of the things I like a […]

String Templating in Flex

When working with String templates, code can easily become quite difficult to read and, consequently, to understand, maintain and modify. This blog post explains 2 techniques that can help you dealing with String concatenation and templating: StringUtil.substitue and [Embed] compiler directive.
For simple String concatenation like:
var value : String = "The value " + user + […]

DualPanel Reversible Component

This week I’ve been discussing with Alberto from different ways to implement a reversible panel. Basically a reversible panel would be a 2-sides panel. In the front part you could have the component or widget and in the back you could have a configuration panel (same concept as in the OSX Dashboard widgets).
One way […]

Template Components in Flex4

Template Components can be quite common in different sort of applications. Maybe the most common one is the Panel, which has a predefined set of components (title bar, status bar, close button, etc) and an specific area where we can instantiate any other component we wish.
In Flex3 you could use the technique explained in the […]