Video-on-Demand over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication

In the previous tutorial File Sharing over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication we went through the Object Replication basics. And you can see that the Receiver is requesting packets one by one. That’s not suitable for the real world app, but it’s good for testing on a LAN to see the progress. […]

AS3-P2P-LIB and P2P Video Calls on Android

I am very happy that community is getting more and more involved in P2P. I told you, it has endless possibilities!
Pure ActionScript 3.0 Library by Dominic Graefen for Flash developers to start with P2P easily.

All Classes | Example | Project page at GitHub
P2P Video Calls on Android
My fellow evangelist Mark Doherty built […]

Multi-screen medical device simulation

Christoph Ketzler, who works at Innovation Mecom, was one of the developers behind this great example of how Flash simplifies multi-screen development. Innovation Mecom developed a simulation for training and marketing of Carina, a medical device. The application is built on top of the Flash Platform using ActionScript3.0 and simulates all the functions of the […]

Case Study : ActionScript 3 Performance Optimization

Prompted by some of the work from Grant Skinner (in particular his FOTB 2009 session) and Thibault Imbert, I have been doing a lot of research lately into optimizing ActionScript 3 content. Not just how to make it run faster, but how to approach the process of optimization.
I am also starting to work on a […]

New on Adobe Labs: Squiggly – spell checking engine for Flash Player and AIR

One of the most requested features for both Flash Player and AIR is definitely a spell checker. Grant Skinner released a spell check engine about 2 years ago and it has been used in number of different applications. While it was totally worth the cost, I did hear from some people that they thought this […]

Parsing and displaying BMP files via ActionScript

I dont have a formal computer science training / education, so I never got the chance to learn about working with low level data structures (bits and bytes). I have wanted to learn this for some time, but had difficulty finding resources for it which didnt assume I had a computer science degree.
Well, yesterday, FITC […]

Learn ActionScript 3.0 using Flash Professional CS4

In the summer it’s usually a little quieter at work so why not use this quiet time to learn something new? ActionScript 3.0 for instance. Doug Winnie, Adobe’s group manager for designer/developer workflows, just started a new series on Adobe TV titled: “ActionScript 1:1″.

ActionScript 1:1 is a free training resource that combines video tutorials, documentation […]