Create your own online AR 3D storybooks

Thanks to Flash augmented reality has become accesible to anyone with a browser and a webcam without the need to download anything extra. There are some pretty amazing examples and apps out there but this one is pretty unique. ZooBurst is a new service where kids can write their own stories and create their own […]

FOX Launches a New App "Virtual Echo" Using Adobe AIR

Are you a Dollhouse fan? Now you can download a new desktop app
Fox released last night called “Virtual Echo.” Developed by the marketing agency, Blitz using the Adobe AIR, the app activates nine different Echo personae—like “assassin” or “dream date”—that traipse across your desktop including augmented reality functionality. You can print out the marker and “interact” with the main character in 3D via webcam. The augmented reality in this app is unique in that it’s using higher quality video than what has been used with Adobe Flash in the past.





Congratulations to the design and development team at Blitz for creating this innovative app using the capabilities in the AIR technology!

New content in the Adobe Developer Connection

Flex developers often use a combination of tools as part of their workflow, and Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta takes that into account. Follow Tim Buntel’s article to learn how well Flash Builder 4 can play with four other Adobe products in both data-centric and design-centric phases of a project: Adobe ColdFusion Builder beta, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, and Adobe Flash Catalyst beta. Then move on to Elad Elrom’s article on how to use Pixel Bender with Flash Builder 4 beta as a number crunching engine.

Augmented reality (AR) made a big splash this year when GE’s Smart Grid reached mass-market appeal. Experienced Flash developers can dig into Samuel Asher Rivello’s AR project, which overlays a 3D model of the Eiffel Tower onto a 2D marker using FLARToolkit code libraries and a webcam. For those just getting up to speed with Flash CS4 Professional, check out Dan Carr’s five short presentations to learn about working with timelines, symbols, instances, buttons, Motion Editor, and ActionScript 3 in Flash. Finally, check out Paul Robertson’s new QuickStart on understanding the benefits of using the Vector class in ActionScript 3.

Web video producers might want to explore Lisa Larson-Kelley’s updated web video player template, which makes it easy to publish multiple videos on the same web page without authoring a new SWF for each one. Also use Jens Loeffler’s live dynamic streaming and digital video recording sample app to set up a dynamic streaming environment without any coding.

My MAX 2009 Sessions

MAX 2009 is coming fast! It’s going to be another great event with tons of great speakers and after party fun. Here are my sessions this year:

Introduction to BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services
Designing for Augmented Reality
Building Flex and Adobe AIR Service Clients 2009
Flex and Adobe AIR Boot Camp

Also Drunk on Software will be […]