CFUnited Session: Building Multiplayer games on the Flash Platform with ColdFusion, Flex and Data Services

On Thursday, I’m presenting a session at CFUnited titled, “Building Multi-Player games on the Flash Platform with ColdFusion, Flex and Data Services“.   As you can see, I’m trying to do something a bit more fun than my usual topics!   Yes, I’m talking about ColdFusion powering a multiplayer game!  Over the past 18 months, […]

CFUnited Session: Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website

On Friday, I’m presenting a session at CFUnited titled, “Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website“.   In this session, I’m going to demonstrate how to take data from your web site or application and turn it into a real-time data feed that can be used to feed a dashboard that will impress […]

Using the Flash Builder 4 Data Centric Features with Parsley (and other frameworks)

I have blogged about the new data-centric features in Flash Builder 4 here and here. One question people often ask me is: “Can I use this feature if I use a Framework (Cairngorm, Mate, Parsley, Spring ActionScript, Swiz, etc)?”
The answer is yes: The classes generated by Flash Builder (Value Objects and Service Stubs) are standard […]

BlazeDS 4 and LCDS 3.1 are out

We’ve just made available the bits for BlazeDS 4 and LiveCycle Data Services 3.1. You can find BlazeDS here and LCDS 3.1 here.
Besides alignment with the Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4, there were fixed a lot of bugs and added new features like:

improved offline data management support
wider platform support

You can find more on the […]

Flex 4 Sample Application using a Java Back-End, BlazeDS 4 and Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards

I put together a new Test Drive environment to allow you to explore the development of Flex 4 applications with a Java back-end using the new “Data-Centric Development” features of Flash Builder 4. These features include service introspection, value object and service stub generation, etc. This Test Drive is still work in progress: it currently […]

Real-time data visualization using Flex and publish/subscribe messaging

When you hear the term “data visualization”, you probably immediately think of pie charts, bar charts, and line charts showing sales data, population data, or other historical data.   These charts and graphs help us to visualize the data, detect key trends, and make decisions moving forward.
While charts are great for understanding historical data, real-time data […]

Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards with Java / Spring

Connecting a Flex 4 application to a Java / Spring back-end couldn’t be easier in Flash Builder 4’s new Data Wizards. I’ve recorded a screencast that shows how to setup the web application project, configure Spring & BlazeDS, and then build a Flex 4 application that connects to the Java / Spring back-end. […]

New content in the Adobe Developer Connection

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta includes a new feature called the Network Monitor, which you can use to debug network traffic between a Flex application and an application server at runtime. Read David Gassner’s article and try out this new feature by using Adobe ColdFusion and a set of sample Flex applications. Meanwhile, follow Sujit Reddy G and learn how to build a Flex application that connects to a BlazeDS Remoting destination using Flash Builder 4 beta.

Just released, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 (version 3) simplifies the development of web applications using Flash and Java. Download a trial version of the software and read Anil Channappa’s article to get an overview of the new capabilities in the release.

If you are finding yourself with some developer holiday downtime during the next few weeks, get inspired by some of the amazing Flash websites picked by veteran website reviewer Rob Ford as the best Flash experiences in 2009—and then cast your vote for the best site of the year. In the meantime, Rodney Smith continues his series on using ActionScript 3 to bring 3D motion to your Flash projects. This time, it’s how to pan, zoom, and move objects within a 3D space.

Also, improve your understanding of search engine optimization by watching SEO gurus Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi discuss best practices for optimizing SWF-based content for search engines.