Building the Server-Side of the Tour de Flex Real-Time Dashboard

Greg Wilson and Damien Mandrioli are also blogging about the new Tour de Flex real time dashboard today. Greg is the inspiration behind everything “Tour de Flex”, including the idea of the dashboard. He has the story behind the genesis of this project on his blog. Damien (from IBM/ILOG) did a fantastic job at building […]


Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard

Ok, it’s technically not “planetary” since only one planet is involved… but… this is still pretty cool.   Check out the new ILOG real-time activity dashboard here (screenshot below).   What you are seeing is LIVE data from Tour de Flex.  Every time someone views a sample, a new dot appears.  Chances are if you go view […]

New Update to the Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive

I made some additional changes to the Spring BlazeDS Integration (RC1) Test Drive:

The Test Drive now includes an annotation-based configuration sample (the Company Manager sample). Spring annotations such as @Service, @RemotingDestination, @Autowired, @RemotingInclude, and @RemotingExclude make it really easy to configure your beans and make them available through Remoting. As an example, here is the […]

New Test Drive for Spring BlazeDS Integration RC1

UPDATE: An updated version of this Test Drive is available here
SpringSource just released the RC1 build for the Spring / BlazeDS integration project. The key new feature in RC1 is the integration of the BlazeDS Message Service.
I updated my Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive to showcase the messaging integration.
In addition to Remoting and Security samples, […]

A simple approach to Flex ColdFusion integration

A few weeks ago, I decided to challenge myself and start a side project that involves a Flex front end with a ColdFusion backend.  This was not only my first Flex+ColdFusion project, it was my first hands-on experience with ColdFusion!
Like most folks, I created a new Flex project in Flex Builder and selected ColdFusion as […]

Tour de Flex 1.2.1 Released – bug fixes and a few new features

Since we launched  Tour de Flex 1.2, several bugs have been reported and fixed.  Version 1.2.1 is now available that contains the following fixes and changes:

BUG FIX – Flex SDK samples didn’t work offline.  All Flex SDK and AIR samples now work offline
BUG FIX – The icons were broken in list view when offline

UPDATE: A DVD full of Flex goodness for developers exploring Flex

About three weeks ago, I wrote an article describing a DVD that our team created for you to explore Flex and related technologies.  We’ve been handing these DVDs out like candy at events and I’ve been receiving tons of email requesting copies.
As an evangelist, one of my jobs is to acquire new Flex developers and […]

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS

A typical source of confusion when developers start working with RemoteObject or other BlazeDS/LCDS related classes is where and most importantly *when* the configuration of your services is being read.
The question often arises after an application stops working when you move it to another server. This is one of the most frequently asked questions related […]

A DVD full of Flex goodness for developers exploring Flex

I have a huge stack of DVDs containing the following:

Tour de Flex – click here to learn about Tour de Flex
Flex Builder Pro Trial (Windows and Mac, Standalone and Eclipse Plugin)
Flex SDK
Flex Documentation including ASDocs (similar to Javadocs)
Spring / Flex Test Drive
BlazeDS Turnkey and Binary Distribution
BlazeDS Developer’s Guide
LiveCycle […]