New Flash Player Team Blog

The Flash Player team has a new blog:

The team wanted to start this blog to share with you information about how things work in Flash Player, why they work the way they do, tips, tricks, and other interesting behind-the-scenes details.

I think the AIR team blog has been pretty good at showcasing customers and providing updates to the product. Glad the Flash Player team has a blog as well. And hoping to see some geeky stuff from Thibault, the newest Flash Player product manager, on the new blog as well.

Flash Player 10 Penetration at 86.7%


In case you missed it, the brand new Flash Platform Blog announced some new penetration numbers for Flash Player 10.

For our inaugural Flash Platform blog posting I want to begin with some important news. The Flash Player penetration statistics have just recently been updated and Flash Player 10 is now installed on 86.7% of Internet-connected desktop computers in mature markets, which is the fastest the Web has ever adopted new innovation.

It’s great to see the adoption speed and know that so many people can take advantage of Flash Player 10’s features. For those that want other datapoints you can see that MochiAds Zeitgesit is showing a similar percentage and RIAStats has penetration trending upwards but lagging about 10% behind ours and MochiAds studies.

It’s also a great innagural post for the Flash Platform blog! The marketing team at Adobe has put a ton of work into this and I’m really happy with the content. I highly suggest you subscribe as this will be the place where you’ll see a lot of breaking news and general Flash Player momentum content. They’ve got a number of different authors so the entire range of the Flash Platform is covered. Plus the feed includes content from a lot of the evangelists.