CES 2010: Light Blue Optics launch “Light Touch”

CES 2010 in Las Vegas saw a very interesting device launch from UK based Light Blue Optics.  The great news is that they’ve received really positive press and comments from users that are eager to get their hands on the Light Touch.

So what is it?  Effectively it’s a projector for rich media, but it’s laser based which gives it the ability to project onto different surfaces while maintaining a sharp focus and bright colours.  LBO used the Flash Platform to provide a rich user interface engine for applications, games, photos and even H.264 video playback.  The device is also multi-touch enabled using infra-red, but employs an invisible grid projection onto the surface, which enables much more accurate and speedy response times.

As a user you can envisage a huge array of different use cases, maybe your calendar projected onto your desk, or video playing on your bedroom wall.  We saw a huge array of 3D TVs, ever larger, thinner and brighter televisions this year at CES.  Could the future require no screen at all?

Just think of the options for this kind of device in the auto-industry, gaming and entertainment.  The great news is that the device spec’s make it capable of running Flash Player 10.1 in the future, reaping the benefits of our consistent Open Screen Project runtime for all platforms.


  • Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 on WinCE 5
  • ARM11 CPU @ 600Mhz
  • 10-inch touchscreen with WVGA resolution
  • Laser based pico projection
  • Infrared multi-touch detection
  • WiFi and Bluetooth radios
  • 2GB of on-board storage (+ microSD)

Check it out in action:

Palm Pre – Progress Update

The last time we had a Palm update we saw the Flash Player running in multiple cards (application instances) on Web OS.  We had made great progress with the pause and resume functionality, to fit in with the unique nature of WebOs multi-tasking capabilities.

At CES 2010 Palm talked publicly about the availability of the Flash Player 10.1 for their devices.  The intention is to ship it as part of an OS update, and also in their App Store so that users can install the player as required (if they already have the OS update for example).  So you can start to see the promise of the Open Screen Project taking shape, Flash Player 10.1 updates over-the-air for all Palm users.  Additionally Palm indicated that they are going to ship “soon”.

At MAX we still had some work to do with Palm to tidy up certain features, hardware acceleration for video and providing a full screen experience for games and video playback.

In this update video Adrian shows the progress made in the last few months around gaming site optimization.