Food Safety 2.0: Adobe Technologies Help Federal Agencies Collaborate on Food Supply Defense and Protection

Before a wedge of lettuce, ear of corn or cut of steak makes it to your dinner plate, there is a long process that food goes through to ensure that it is safe to eat. The process to determine food safety is overseen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). How do these massive agencies collaborate and make sure that they can securely access info, even when it’s outside of their organizations servers and ecosystems? That’s where the Adobe Flash Platform comes in.

In order for these agencies to cross-collaborate on food supply safety, Eric Hoffman, technical director at Minnesota based Datastream Connexion, created CoreSHIELD. CoreSHIELD, with “Core” standing for “common organization registry environment,” is operated by the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence. CoreSHIELD began as a single portal that was built on Adobe ColdFusion back in 2004. Given its success as the underlying framework, CoreSHIELD now holds together dozens of customized portals (such as FoodSHIELD) that share resources under a common umbrella for federal agencies.  As Hoffman has created more portals, he used Adobe ColdFusion Builder and Adobe Flash Builder to build them.

To date, CoreSHIELD lets 350,000 users across federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as laboratories and academia, work collaboratively toward improved national security, a more safeguarded  U.S. food supply and better public health practices. In addition to using ColdFusion and Flash Builder, CoreSHIELD relied on multiple Adobe technologies like Adobe Flex and Adobe Connect. Additionally,  Adobe RoboHelp was used for building help systems, Adobe Captivate helped create screen walkthroughs, Adobe Contribute came in handy for managing and updating web content, and  Adobe Acrobat Professional  helped ensure that critical research documents can be distributed to the broadest possible audience. With Adobe, CoreSHIELD has been able to enhance secure communication and collaboration across agencies via multiple platforms. 

To learn more about how CoreSHIELD used Adobe technologies in order for local, state, and federal agencies to collaborate, read more here.

Flex 4, Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder go GA!

We are very excited to announce the final releases of Flash Builder 4, Flex 4 and ColdFusion Builder. These releases bring together two years of engineering effort and some big advances in how you can now build rich Internet applications. We’ve also released a ton of great new free learning resources to help you put these new tools to work in building RIAs. You can hear from developers at our recent Boston Flash Camp where Ryan, Deepa, and team provided a deep-dive on all the features, and even talked about the little stuff that we don’t talk about much but can really make a difference in your application development. You can watch all the sessions from the Boston Flash Camp on Adobe TV.

These releases provide tremendous new capabilities including:

  • The revolutionary Spark components in Flex 4 enable far more expressive interfaces to be easily created, and pave the way for Flash Catalyst.
  • The Data-Centric-Development (DCD) capabilities of Flash Builder make it radically easier to work with data and web services.
  • Flash Builder’s new developer productivity features such as advanced debugging and improved refactoring, coupled with compiler performance improvements make Flex development faster and easier.
  • ColdFusion Builder addresses the number one request of the CF community, providing extensive IDE capabilities and making CF development much more productive.

So have at it.

Get Flash Builder. Get the Flex 4 SDK. Get ColdFusion Builder.

Announcing Beta of ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder

During the past two months, I’ve had the pleasure of showing off the new features of ColdFusion 9 and  ColdFusion Builder  to several ColdFusion user groups.  This was my first year doing the “ColdFusion circuit” so at first I was a bit nervous, but after I spent some time with ColdFusion 9 (Centaur) and ColdFusion […]

Speaking at the Tampa Bay ColdFusion User Group Meeting Thursday

I’m speaking this Thursday, June 25th at the Tampa Bay ColdFusion User Group meeting at the offices of Kforce.  I will be giving extensive demos of the upcoming release of ColdFusion, code named Centaur and the new ColdFusion IDE, code named Bolt.  There are some amazing new features to show so you don’t want to […]