How to stand out as a freelance web developer

As an ex-freelancer I know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. Dave Berzack, a freelance web developer, created this music video about web development. There’s not much else I can add to this… Just watch the video. Great work, Dave! 😉 Tweet This! Share this on Facebook Digg this! Share […]

Stripgenerator: Online cartoon generator

I absolutely love how you guys keep sending me the coolest links to Flash based apps (Keep em coming!). Stripgenerator is one of those apps. Stripgenerator (built in Slovenia) just got a fresh new update that adds a bunch of new features, new graphics and a new interface. The Flash based application is incredibly easy […]

Create your own online AR 3D storybooks

Thanks to Flash augmented reality has become accesible to anyone with a browser and a webcam without the need to download anything extra. There are some pretty amazing examples and apps out there but this one is pretty unique. ZooBurst is a new service where kids can write their own stories and create their own […]

Flash For Life

Music For Life is a project by Dutch radio station “3FM”. This is now the third year in which Belgian radio station “Studio Brussel” joins this project in which they collect money for the Red Cross. Three of their DJs live in a glass house in the city center of Gent and ask their listeners […]

The power of the Flash Platform part 4: Online gaming

There’s a good chance you immediately recognized the game in this screenshot. Over 28 million people played Farmville yesterday. Another 10 million played Cafe World. 6 million for Mafia Wars. In fact, Zynga alone (maker of these games) serves 60 million players every single day… And all these games are built with the Flash Platform. I […]

The future of magazines?

I came across this video on Ubergizmo and I wish this was real today…! The video demonstrates a multi-touch tablet to read magazines in full color with video, audio and online capabilities. The video is created by The Wonder Factory and other than that, there really isn’t any more information out there. While it’s only […]