Mission Critical Application Built with Adobe Flash Platform

Serge Jespers has details on a Flash application that has been deployed to the White House Situation Room. Intelligent Software Solutions worked on an application built with Flex that will be used by the President of the United States to monitor critical infrastructure for the US Navy. Its a touch screen interface built on top of the SPAWAR touch table framework.

Not surprisingly the press release contains no images of the application.

However, as Serge points out in his blog post, there was a Adobe MAX session two years ago on another mission critical Flex application deployed by NATO. The video is below.

Radian6 Launches AIR Based Social Media Console

The Adobe Flash Platform continues to be the leading platform for building tools that help companies manage their social media presence. Radian6 today released the Radian6 Engagement Console, a new application built on Adobe AIR that helps companies monitor and respond to conversations about their brands online. TechCrunch has some more details on the application, or watch the video below to see it in action.

New TiVo Premiere UI Built on Flash Platform

Yesterday TiVo announced the TiVo Premiere and the Premiere XL, part of their new Series 4 line of DVRs. Engadget has the details of all their features, but the great news is that the UI for both of them is built using the Adobe Flash Platform. Yes, the UI for the Series 4 systems is built with Flash. And as you can see from the gallery at Engadget, it looks awesome.

Video interview with founder of TweetDeck

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Iain Dodsworth, founder of TweetDeck – one of the most-downloaded applications that have been built using Adobe AIR.

In this video Iain talks about how and why he went about creating TweetDeck, why he built it using Adobe AIR, what worked well (and what didn’t) during development, what he and the team have learnt from the whole process and his plans for the future of TweetDeck. He also offers up some advice for anyone else thinking about embarking on a startup venture.

The full version (below) is approximately 20 minutes in length, but I’m working on a shorter highlight video that hopefully we’ll get posted on Adobe TV – I’ll post a link to that in due course.

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Flash-based Wall of Life aims to save lives

Lightmaker have recently completed an ambitious project for the National Health Service (NHS) Blood and Transplant service in the UK that I wanted to highlight here – entitled the “Wall of Life“, it aims to raise awareness of organ donation and sign-up thousands of new donors to the national register.

The site, which has been built using Flash, presents visitors with an image of a child whose life was saved by a heart transplant – zooming in on the image reveals however that it is constructed from up to 60,000 photos of people who have pledged their support for the campaign.

NHS Wall of Life

We’re used to seeing these ‘deep zoom’-style experiences now, but what’s impressive here is that the mosaic image and underlying image tiles are dynamically recreated every four hours so as to include people who have recently pledged their support – this produces a whopping 1.6Gb bitmap image, the data from which is then processed by a custom ColdFusion backend and served up by Zoomify Enterprise Server, rendering the final experience using Flash Player.

An impressive result that is worth checking out – you’ll see that there is still some way to go until the mosaic is full up, so if you’re prepared to support the campaign and live in the UK you could always help out and upload your photo to the site.

Upcoming webcast featuring Morgan Stanley “Matrix” RIA

If my earlier post regarding the Morgan Stanley Matrix application was of interest then I’d recommend that you sign-up for a free webcast entitled “Transcending the client experience” which is being hosted by Finextra and Adobe next Monday.

The 75 minute long session will look at how developers at financial firms integrate real-time data, with the delivery of audio, video, reports and rich interactive charts into trading applications.

The Global Director at Morgan Stanley responsible for the Matrix application will be presenting and taking part in the panel discussion (alongside representatives from Lab49, Adobe, Societe Generale and Credit Suisse) so it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the Matrix project and the experience they gained from implementing a large-scale RIA with Adobe’s Flash Platform.

More details about the event, which takes place on Monday 27th July at 2pm (UK), are available here (note: you need to register for this session).

Morgan Stanley raises the bar for rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash Platform technologies

Morgan Stanley have launched a comprehensive online trading tool called “Matrix” which allows their customers to get closer to the trading floor than ever before; the application enables them to view live pricing, get informed opinions for market professionals, review historical market data and make derivatives and foreign exchange trades in real-time, directly from their […]