Create Your Audio-biography with the Adobe Flash Platform app MusicMapper

This year’s GRAMMY Awards ceremony was filled with worthy winners and amazing musical performances from Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Arcade Fire to name a few. To encourage music fans to do more than watch, The Recording Academy launched a social media platform called “MusicIsLifeIsMusic.” Along with the platform, The Recording Academy and Adobe technology partner, HYFN, turned to the Adobe Flash Platform to create MusicMapper, an Adobe AIR powered desktop app that lets users tag songs and share them through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, write about what those songs mean to them, and map them to a physical location all to create their very own musical audio-biography.

With the MusicMapper desktop app, The Recording Academy was able to extend the GRAMMY brand from the Web to the desktop in only a matter of weeks thanks to Adobe Flash Builder. Within the first few months of the apps launch, there were more than 220,000 downloads, and they were even able to capture the ever elusive teen and young audience demographic that so many brands want to engage with. With Adobe AIR’s cross-platform abilities, HYFN can continue to provide The Recording Academy with an app that can easily improve functionality, and offer new revenue opportunities.

Download the app for your desktop, and learn more about how The Recording Academy and HYFN used Adobe AIR to keep fans engaged with MusicMapper during the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards here.

Fans Get All-Access Pass to Taylor Swift with Adobe AIR

Technology has always been a priority for country music sensation Taylor Swift to serve her multimillion-strong fan base. That’s why her record label, Big Machine Label Group, worked with Adobe technology partner, HYFN, to create the Taylor Swift Adobe AIR application.  This app offers an “always-on” presence on the desktop keeping fans updated on tour dates, tweets, blog, the latest news, videos, photos and songs.

Big Machine Label Group is able to directly communicate and provide updates to Swift’s loyal fan base through the app.  Using simple, grassroots promotion efforts, Big Machine Label Group has developed a hit, with more than 884,000 downloads since it was available in January.  From a development standpoint, the label built the app in only 10 days, and updates are constantly refreshed in a matter of hours, saving them from issues that stem from working with individual app stores such as licensing, payments and formatting.

Because the app has been a success, the label hopes to add additional features including push desktop notifications, a monetization function, more videos and the ability to chat directly within the application. 

Find out more about how Big Machine Label Group used Adobe AIR to keep fans up-to-date on all things Taylor Swift here.

Fox Releases "Simpsons Unleashed" Application Powered by Adobe AIR

The Simpsons Unleashed is a new desktop AIR app that allows you to play pranks on your friends using characters from "The Simpsons" television show. In addition to pranking your friends, Homer will also wander out onto your desktop to heckle you from time to time. This is an excellent example of how to create a unique, engaging AIR application that integrates with services from social networks like Facebook. Download it now and check it out for yourself. .