Flash Player 10.1 and Droid X

I was at the Droid X launch event in SF today and it’s a pretty slick device. Big screen, fast, HDMI output for streaming HD video to your TV. (It also comes with a HD camcorder). Although the device will first ship with Android 2.1, and not Froyo until later this summer, the team’s demo unit had an early version of Froyo and we were demo-ing Flash Player 10.1. Of course, I work for Adobe and the Flash Player team and I’m biased, but Flash content runs great on that device. We were showing off Kongregate and Mochi games, replays of the USA win on ESPN, videos from Sony Pictures — and as long as we had a good signal we had great content.

Read more about the Droid X in the press release. Paul Betlem, Flash Player engineering, also discusses some of the specs of the Droid X on the Flash Player team blog.

Thinking about optimizing your Flash content ready for the slew of devices coming to market in the next few months? Start here.