Don’t Miss ‘Flash Jeopardy’ at MAX 2011

We’re two weeks away from MAX 2011 and we’re excited to share that we’ll be hosting Flash Jeopardy this year. This is a follow on to last year’s popular MAX game, Are You Smarter Than a Flash Platform Evangelist?, where we pitted Flash community members against our evangelists.

Flash Jeopardy will be based on (you guessed it) Jeopardy and hosted by our own Ben Forta! Unlike last year, this is all about our developers and how much they know about Flash. We’re challenging four contestants to flex their Flash knowledge in a Jeopardy! style Q&A format, and who better to help us stump them than you!

We’re looking for any Flash-related questions and answers be it about tools/framework (i.e., Flash Builder, Flex, Flash Professional, etc.), runtimes (i.e., Flash Player and AIR) and/or what you can do with Flash for mobile development, gaming, etc. We welcome any and all questions – easy to hard! Submit your questions to with “Flash Jeopardy” in the subject line, and it could be featured in the game!

For those attending MAX in LA, be sure to save the date for the game show. Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 4 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Community Pavilion at the Flash Rocks Entertainment Lounge for the Flash developer showdown! Hope to see you there.


Digit Podcast with Evangelist Tom Krcha

Last week – I was invited to join Open Coffee Meeting at Prague Starbucks and record a video podcast with Petr Mara and Honza Brezina. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and by reading comments, people seem as well
It’s in Czech only – but still worth of linking for my Czech readers.

Direct link to […]

Want to join the Platform Evangelism team?

Following my post yesterday about my new role as a Product Manager for Flash Builder, my departure from the Platform Evangelism team opens up an opportunity for us to hire a new evangelist.

Whilst we’re not yet listing the opportunity on our jobs website, we’re definitely interested in hearing from you if you’d like to join the Platform Evangelism team in Europe.

This is a senior role within Adobe, which will involve being based in the UK, with a significant amount of travel in Europe and also further afield. You’ll interact with designers, developers, press, analysts and customers on a daily basis, will need to be a confident presenter and most likely someone who enjoys developing applications with Flex, ActionScript, Flash Professional, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and Adobe AIR. This is a unique opportunity in which no two days are the same and where you get to decide the impact you’ll make…

If this sounds interesting, then send an email providing a brief background on your experience to Enrique Duvos, Group Manager EMEA Platform Evangelism team (email duvos at