Oracle press release – JavaFX and Winter Games

A former colleague of mine pointed me to this link – the Vancouver Organizing Committee is using JavaFX for an application used to display the historic results. The application looks ok, however its still a very small step for JavaFX – I would like to see some large data centric application.
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Tour de LiveCycle ES2

Tour de LiveCycle has been updated in order to include the last released version of Livecycle ES2. It is a separate AIR application having over 1000 pages of content, and probably the best way for getting a feel what is LiveCycle ES2 (or what are the new things in comparison with LiveCycle ES).
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Upcoming events: WIF, MWC, FITC, FFK10

While the next coming months are going to be a little bit hectic, I am really looking forward to it. I’m especially looking forward to seeing you guys at these events.

WIF – February 5th & 6th – Namur, Belgium –
WIF (Webdesign International Festival) is a worldwide event and this will be the first one […]

Adobe at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is just around the corner and you can already feel the excitement building.
2010 is going to be an amazing year for Flash developers who want to create mobile applications. Not only did we announce the Flash CS5 iPhone compiler but we’ve already demoed Flash Player 10.1 on a variety of […]

Survey – Flash Builder roadmap

Andrew Shorten, the new Flash Builder product manager created a survey where you can choose what do you want for the future version of the product. I takes 15 minutes and you can win some gadget if you are from USA. I think that if you are using Flash Builder you should fill the survey […]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Survey – Flash Builder roadmap”, url: “” });

E-seminar about Zend framework and Flash

My colleague Mihai Corlan and Roy Ganor from Zend are going to have an e-seminar about building Flash/PHP applications. They are going to cover Adobe Flex framework, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Zend Studio. If you are a PHP developer building Flex applications it should bring some value. For registration you can go here.
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Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release

A new version of Flex Builder for Linux can be downloaded from Adobe Labs. No new features, is just a version to extend the expiration date.
Also, the Linux fans can check this link IntelliJ has a Flex plugin which is going to be improved for the version 9. Good news for the IDEA […]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 release”, url: “” });

Adobe User Group XL, Amsterdam, Dec 3rd – Win 1 of 5 tickets!

I am extremely proud to see how well the Dutch Adobe User Group is doing. Proud to see how fast they have grown from a dormant user group to the group that it is today. Every single meeting is very well organized and always sold out with over 250 attendees.
On December 3rd (a little over […]

Adobe MAX Video: Explore Deployment and Distribution Options for Adobe AIR Applications

Adobe AIR team member Oliver Goldman presented a session titled "Explore Deployment and Distribution Options for Adobe AIR Applications" at Adobe MAX last week. This is an excellent session for IT administrators, developers or architects that are interested in learning more about the distribution and deployment options for AIR. Oliver also previews some of the new capabilities we are working on related to native installer support in AIR 2 (see 38:30 if you are interested in this specific topic).