Flerry: Flex-Java bridge for Adobe AIR 2.0

Today I published Flerry on Google Code, a Flex-Java bridge that uses NativeProcess API from Adobe AIR 2.0. Using it is very simple and similar to RemoteObject API in Flex. In fact I reused libraries from BlazeDS to do AMF de/serialization on Java side and on Flex side classes like AsyncToken, RemotingMessage, AcknowledgeMessage and ResultEvent/FaultEvent […]

Simple Flex 4 components styling (part 2)

In my previous post I gave few hints about styling Flex 4 applications using default Spark theme. This time I extended it to additional MX containers and also wanted to explain what particular CSS properties mean.

chrome-color (chromeColor, it was renamed from baseColor after Flex 4 Beta 2) – The main color for a component
content-background-color (contentBackgroundColor) […]

Twitter like syntax formatter with smart truncation

Recently I needed to format Twitter like input string in the way that it replaced matching @UserName, #Tag and http://some.url syntax with html a tag adding proper event: prefix to href content that it could dispatch Flex link event (more info about link event Listening for the link event in a Flex Label control). Additionally […]