Flerry: Flex-Java bridge for Adobe AIR 2.0

Today I published Flerry on Google Code, a Flex-Java bridge that uses NativeProcess API from Adobe AIR 2.0. Using it is very simple and similar to RemoteObject API in Flex. In fact I reused libraries from BlazeDS to do AMF de/serialization on Java side and on Flex side classes like AsyncToken, RemotingMessage, AcknowledgeMessage and ResultEvent/FaultEvent […]

Simple Flex 4 components styling (part 2)

In my previous post I gave few hints about styling Flex 4 applications using default Spark theme. This time I extended it to additional MX containers and also wanted to explain what particular CSS properties mean.

chrome-color (chromeColor, it was renamed from baseColor after Flex 4 Beta 2) – The main color for a component
content-background-color (contentBackgroundColor) […]

Twitter like syntax formatter with smart truncation

Recently I needed to format Twitter like input string in the way that it replaced matching @UserName, #Tag and http://some.url syntax with html a tag adding proper event: prefix to href content that it could dispatch Flex link event (more info about link event Listening for the link event in a Flex Label control). Additionally […]

Desktop and Browser Facebook Apps with AIR and Flex

Last week I was presenting at AUG Pozna┼ä and today remotely via Adobe Connect at AUG Tr├│jmiasto, where I showed how to build applications usign AS3 API for Facebook that is available at Google Code. My goal was not only to show how to use Facebook API but also how you can build desktop and […]