Great New Extension for Flash Builder 4

Flash Builder 4 brings with it a ton of new features for Flash and Flex developers. The new data features, Flex 4 support, and tight integration with Flash Professional makes it a very exciting release. The one area where things could be improved is the ActionScript editing features. Our friends over at FDT have been putting in a host of great new features that I only wish were in Flash Builder.

Well I have just come across an awesome extension for Flash Builder 4 called SourceMate that can bridge the gap between Flash Builder and FDT. Below is a list of the features that you get:

Code Generation
  • Improved Getter/Setter Generation
  • Override/Implements Method Generation
  • Generate Constructor From Fields
  • Generate Constructor From Superclass
  • Generate toString()
  • Generate ASDoc Comments

Code Templates (i.e. Code Snippets)

  • Available via Content Assist and Templates View
  • Works in Both MXML and AS Files
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Import, Export, and Share Templates


  • Disable All trace() Statements
  • ASDoc Generation Wizard
  • Generate Ant build.xml from Project Settings
  • TODO, FIXME, and XXX Task Markers
  • Generate Event Handler in Actionscript
  • Extract Constant
  • Extract Interface
  • Extract Method
  • Extract Variable
  • Change Method Signature
  • Convert Local Variable to Field

Metadata Features

  • Metadata Content Assist
  • Metadata Tag Validation
  • Import/Export Tag Configuration

I have been playing around with the extensions and have found it amazingly helpful. One thing to note is that the current build only works with pre-release versions of Flash Builder 4, not the public beta.


Flash Snippets panel for Flash Builder 4

I am releasing an early test version of the snippets panel that I have been working on for Flash Builder 4. Now this panel is essentially a re-skinned version of the great SnipTreeView panel that I modified to also work with MXML files. Now when I say this is an early version I really do mean it. Expect it not to work and if it does, well you will be pleasantly surprised then. Download the JAR file and place it into your Eclipse plugin folder. I am only really targeting Flash Builder 4 but you can try your luck with Flex Builder 3.

Please watch the video below to see how to use the panel and let me know in the comments if it worked for you. If it didn’t please let me know your OS, Eclipse version, and Builder version. Hope you like it!