Examples of Flash Content Running on Android

On Friday I gave the Keynote at Flash Camp Seattle and as part of that keynote I tried to show off Flash Player 10.1 running on Nexus One. Unfortunately the demo didn’t go well and it got some attention around the web. I’ve had a great experience with Flash on my Nexus One but in this case I was running an interim Flash Player build, one I probably should not have installed, and one that I definitely should not have used for any public demos

After I saw Jeff’s blog post, I sat down, upgraded my Flash Player, and went through and tested some of the sites I use on a regular basis. The experience was fantastic. Everything from the Eco Zoo to the NHL video site runs almost flawlessly. While it won’t make up for my mistake at Flash Camp, I recorded a video so people could see an experience that will be much closer to the final experience with Flash Player on Android.

It’s been cool to see so many Flash sites work on mobile devices. However because there is such a variety of Flash content out on the web, it’s important to understand that not all of it is going to run on devices like the Nexus One, both because of lower hardware capabilities of devices and because of user interface design.

A lot of people are clearly interested in Flash Player on mobile devices. It’s a big issue, and I feel terrible that my unpreparedness ended up being a strike against Flash on mobile devices. We’ll be releasing a public version of Flash Player 10.1 at Google I/O and would love to hear how your Flash sites perform. You can always submit issues by using the open Flash Player bug base.

Flash Camp Phoenix – January 29th

If you’re in the Phoenix area and are interested in hearing from some great speakers about Flex, Flash, and AIR, you’ll want to check out Flash Camp Phoenix on January 29th. I love coming down to Phoenix because it’s a great community. And there’s a lot to talk about. We’ve started releasing more info on Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices, we’ve had AIR 2 in public beta for a while, and our Flash Platform family of tools is starting to come together in a big way.

I may also try to set up some hiking afterwards with Dan Florio so if you’re interested, keep that in mind.

Flash/Flex Camp Atlanta is tomorrow – only a handful of tickets left

If you live near Atlanta and have any interest in Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, etc., you should go to http://flashcampatlanta.eventbrite.com and grab one of the remaining tickets for tomorrow’s event.  I just confirmed that they have less than 10 tickets left!
Check out the sessions at http://events.universalmind.com/page.cfm/flash-camp-atlanta-2009/speakers-and-sessions
I’ll be doing the keynote and showing some new stuff, […]

Flash Camp Orlando May 29th, 2009 – Registration open

Flash Camp Orlando is now open for registration!  If you register in the next 29 hours, you can get in at a discounted rate.  The event is Friday, May 29th, 2009 at the University of Central Florida Live Oak Event Center.  Registration details can be found at http://www.flashcamporlando.com
For those of you that attended Flash Camp […]