Sony Ericsson UI AS2 Components Beta 2

As you saw in my previous post our friends at Sony Ericsson have been hard at work creating UI Components.  Today they are announcing Beta 2 of the set and published a huge array of different components, in particular these are well suited to use with their Capuchin devices.

The list is really extensive and enables an array of different applications to be created, with drag and drop development.  Here are some of them:

  • Action List Dialogue
  • Check Box
  • Dialogue
    • Warning
    • Error
    • General question
    • Confirmation
    • Information
  • Image
  • Infotip
  • Notification
  • Options Menu
    • Top Level
    • Sub level
  • Progress Indicator
  • Push Button
  • Radio Button
  • Lists
    • Single-row List
    • Single-row List with Icon
    • Two-row List with Icon
    • Check Box List
    • Radio Button List
  • Slider
  • Scrollable Area
  • Scrollable Text
  • Soft Keys
  • Status Bar
  • Text
  • Title
  • Toolbar
  • Wait Indicator

Go get them!