Flash Player 3D Future session at Max 2010 [ by Thibault Imbert ]

If you are into 3d development for games, augmented reality or just interactive stuff like websites, you just can’t miss the session entitled Flash Player 3D future scheduled for Max 2010 scheduled on October 27 at 11:00AM in room 503. Sebastian Marketsmueller (Flash Player engineer) will deep dive into the next generation 3D API coming […]

Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus One [ by Thibault Imbert ]

Michael and I wanted to show you the Flash Player 10.1 running on the Google Nexus One, we tried different kind of websites, from typical FWA websites to games to video players. All of these applications from Yamago, Soleil Noir, Deezer, Canal+ or Ecodazoo were built for previous versions of the Flash Player some of […]

Optimizing Performance for the Adobe Flash Platform [ by Thibault Imbert ]

Paul Robertson and I just finished writing a paper about optimization for producing optimized content with the Flash Player 10.1. This whitepaper (87 pages) covers best practices for applications running inside a browser, but these best practices also apply to Adobe AIR or even the iPhone packager available in Flash CS5. It also covers some […]